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What’s the difference between a “Business Speaker” and a “Health Care Speaker?”  The answer is subtle:  quite a bit and not much.

Let me explain.

The biggest difference is knowing that the audiences have different goals in mind.

health care speaker

Health Care Speaker

My corporate clients are primarily interested in financial results, whereas my health care organizations are interested in financial results….AND SO MUCH MORE.

They are interested in improving their patient satisfaction scores, their safety scores, their cleanliness scores… ALL of their scores. They are often interested in growing.  They are often interested in change management.  But in the end, for these clients, It’s about the Patient.

If the patient has a safe, helpful, positive and generally epic experience, then the rest follows.  (Scores, satisfaction, revenue.)

My goal with these clients varies, but generally it goes like this:  My job is to help their people with buy in, with passion, and with purpose.

Buy In:  We need to make everybody on the team — regardless of their job title — buy into the fact that THEY are a vital part of the overall health care team.  It’s not “us” and “them.”  It’s “us.”  Period.

Passion:  We need to make people feel as excited and passionate about their jobs as they were the day they started their jobs.  If people have passion for their work we don’t have to tell them to be awesome at work;  the passion assures that they make themselves awesome.

Purpose:  Your people have a crucial mission and job.  They are taking sick people and making them better, and taking health people and keeping them healthy.  It’s huge.  It’s amazing.  It’s awesome.  But it’s easy to forget how important you are and how important your job is when you do it every single day.  So my job is to make sure your people are reminded that they serve a higher good…which is super cool.  And guess what?  Knowing and embracing your purpose helps you with passion and buy in too!  Boom.  Easy.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Brad Montgomery is one of the nation’s top health care speaker. As such he’s spoken to health care organizations from health care software companies, health care staffing companies, hospitals, hospice and nursing home companies, and medical device companies and associations.

If you’re looking for a motivational speaker who UNDERSTANDS how to reach your audience of healthcare professionals, you’ve come to the right place.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

It’s horrible… but you can save it.

As a professional keynote comedian motivational speaker for over a quarter of a century, I have strong opinions about the use of PowerPoint. And to point out the obvious…my perspective is as a presenter…not as an audience member.


In my opinion is that 95% of you… No, make that 99% of you… abuse this powerful tool. And by abuse I mean absolutely, totally, and wildly fail.

But the good news is that I have two very specific tips and techniques that you can use to make your PowerPoint presentations not only better but quite good.

The first technique is to use fewer words. And by fewer words I mean you need to eliminate 90 to 95% of the words on your current slides. Your audience, whoever they are, is there to see YOU. Not your slides. They are not interested in JUST the information. They want some information and YOU.

If they needed JUST the information you could hand them an article. Or they could read the book. But they are there to see you and to get a sense of how you think. If you are having them read your slides – or heaven forbid if you are reading your slides for them – you are absolutely screwing up. You’re delivering information only. They could have saved a headache and just read your info at home

Answer: Put one or two words on the slide. (Yes you heard me right. One word. Maybe 3 or 4. That’s it.)

This means that if you’re talking about your mission statement you are not going to include your entire mission statement on a slide. There will be no bullets. No paragraphs. Instead you’re going to put the word “Mission.” Then the audience will turn from the screen and look at YOU, listen to YOU, and learn from YOU. And all of that is very good.

One word on a slide is a powerful technique for you to let the Farm-bureau-201271audience know exactly where you are in the program. They have a placeholder in your presentation to help them understand. But by only having one word they are forced to look at you and to listen to you; and of course that’s the purpose. You are the presenter. You are the star. If you make PowerPoint is the star just mail you might as well mail them your presentation, and stay home drinking hot chocolate in the privacy of your own jamies. (Coincidentally, that’s what I’m doing right now. Just sayin’…)

By the way, if you have bullets on your slide you have too many words. (I know that half of you reading this article just fainted. You’re ok. Get up. Shake it off. You’re fine.) Instead of the bullets put your headline with ONE word and then you’ll give the details — the stuff that would have been in the bullets — using the spoken word. You’re a presenter right? You can talk. And you should.

Trust me: you’ll put the focus back on you.

The second concrete technique you can use to improve your PowerPoint presentations is by eliminating most of your slides. Just like the number of words per slide, the number of slides per presentation has to be drastically reduced. Don’t cut out one or two slides. I’m asking you to cut out 70 or 80% of your sites. In my hour and a half motivational presentation I have exactly 20 slides. 90 minutes; 20 slides. Why? Because I’m a professional speaker; not a professional PowerPoint demonstrator. My clients hire me for me and my take on their world; they hire me because I have a unique voice and some great information; not for having a ton of slides.

Because my slides are rare they are very powerful. The audience remembers them, comments upon them, and they each add value to my presentation. My slides are good partly because there are so few of them. It’s a little like chocolate: one or two pieces is heavenly. A truckload of chocolate just makes it cheap. Over kill. (Though who among us wouldn’t like to know for sure?)

If you have so many slides that you are audience is just looking at your slides and not at you than you have clearly missed the point. Clearly your slides are more important than you are, and for my money that’s a huge mistake.

Don’t forget that people want to see you. They want your personality, your uniqueness, and your ideas. They do not want to see endless bullets and long paragraphs on your slides; they want to see you.

The main thing to remember as a presenter is to be reminded that our audiences don’t want us just for our knowledge or our information. They want us! If they want just our information they can read our website, read the article, or they can just read the stupid PowerPoint slides that we can email them.

But audiences are too hip and sophisticated now for this type of junk. It’s time to step up, put on your Big Boy Pants, and trim the number of words and slides in your presentation. (Replacing them with you and your voice and your words. I know you’re scared. Don’t be shy, be strong! You can do it.)

PowerPoint is a terrific tool. It can illustrate points, help your audience to understand where they are in your presentation, and even communicate information that is very difficult to communicate with just words. But it is nearly always used poorly. Horribly. Tragically.

But not by you.  Right?  If you use it correctly… Which means don’t over use it… You’ll be well on your way to being a master presenter.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Speaker, Powerpoint Presenter, Funny Speaker

Read another article by Brad about his ideas for Powerpoint success here:


Brad Montgomery is a funny motivational speaker who speaks about happiness at work and how happiness can be used as a tool to increase profitability. (Oh, and he’s laugh-out-loud funny.) To learn more about Brad please visit his website Or you can visit his blog


The beer industry is complicated with a three-tier system and fifty different laws in fifty different states.  To be successful in beer, you need to thrive in change. Because Brad helps individuals approach change-management with a positive attitude — which means greater productivity for them and their organizations.  And because Brad is funny, the message […]


Not a great picture, but this is a recent picture of me on the indoor field.

There is a term called Flow which positive psychologists have more or less defined as that state of mind where you are completely engaged and thinking about nothing else. You know, that feeling you have when you are totally immersed in an activity that a parade could march by and you wouldn’t notice it. Flow is important because it’s one of the components to happiness & well-being.


My team in Mexico

photo 3

It’s amazing this team puts up with me.


An outdoor league while living in Mexico. I’m the gringo on the sidelines.


definitely not this Flo less

Flow is important; and so too is our own searches for finding activities that put us in a state of flow.

I experience flow when I am playing soccer. When I am playing soccer I am thinking about a lot of things: about how out of breath I am, about how that other guy is faster than me, about how the ball is coming right at me and I need to get my foot over to it in time, and how I need to look to my left because my teammate is open but he’ll only be open for a second.

What I am not thinking about is my email, my family, my health, my problems, my business, my income, or anything at all. It’s all soccer. I am in flow. And for me it’s heaven.

So what’s this got to do with you?  I found an activity that brings me to a state of flow; and now that I’m aware that soccer makes me happy I can work to play more soccer.  Easy, right?

Your Homework: think about what activity or activities bring you to a state of complete engagement. Think hard. See if you can find more than one. Now…do those activities more.  Also easy…or at least simple.

It will make you happier. Guaranteed.

Not this Flo either.

Not this Flo Either

And any of you who have seen me as a motivational speaker know that happier people are more productive and more successful than our unhappy counterparts.

If you’re looking for a business speaker who is not only very funny but can bring specific tactics about how to be funnier in life and at work to your organization please give us a call. I might even bring a woman named Flo. Get in the Flow, Flo!


Brad Montgomery
Motivational speaker, soccer player, lover of Flo (Flow?)

I need your help!  What’s the best caption for this photo of Homer and me?

Here’s your chance to be my hero and spread your awesome joke out into the world. Or at least my tiny portion of the world.  And in addition, I’ll send you a free copy of one of my audio programs if you’re the lucky winner.
Motivational speaker cartoon

Most of the people on my FaceBook Page  have seen me speak live as a motivational speaker. And you know that I often use funny photos with punchlines. Help me with a punchline for this photo. What in the world can I say that is funny about it? If you were a motivational speaker and audience was expecting a brilliant joke to accompany this PowerPoint slide, what would you say to make them laugh?

I look forward to your funny captions — Leave them in the comments below. I promise to report back on the jokes I use and how they work  – Which is comedian code for does the audience laugh? And if I use your joke in particular, I will contact you directly to let you know how awesome you are.

If you are looking for a motivational speaker who looks like a cartoon version of Homer Simpson I hope you will contact me and we’ll set something up. But to be honest, it would be even better if you just want a funny motivational speaker who looks like … er …. me.   After all, cartoons are so two dimensional.  (Besides, Homer doesn’t know how to customize like I do. :)

Okay! Let the joke writing begin! Leave your jokes or ideas in comments below. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Looking for a motivational speaker for your event? Contact me here.

Brad Montgomery
Business Motivational Speaker, Friend of Homer!

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What is it

This little bad boy is your ticket to joy! It’s a security tag used to prevent shoplifting. This one has been modified by removing the permanent\ pin and adding a special clip so that you can safely put it on — and take it off! — your clothes. Why? Because it’s funny!

How to Use it

There are two ways to execute the gag. My favorite way is to wear the tag myself. I love to put it on the back of my clothes — the back of my jacket, the back of my pants, or the back of my shirt. This method takes more patience but it is funnier because people will eventually see it and wonder if you actually are unaware of the tag. Some people will see it, be puzzled by it, and not say anything! When people point it out, I say something like, “Yeah, it’s new. How do you like my new jacket?” (Act serious and you’ll get a puzzled look that will keep you smiling for days.) Or you can say, “Yeah, I’m just trying it out before I buy it.”

But sometimes I just wear it on the front of my shirt or jacket and open a conversation saying, “How do ya like my new jacket?”

Another funny idea is to wear it inside your jacket, perhaps hanging off the inside jacket pocket. That way you can wear it privately. But when you are ready for some fun open your jacket to reveal the tag — as though you are sharing a secret with you victim — and then say something such as, “How do you like my jacket. I got a great deal on it. Yeah…. it was a STEAL!”

It’s also funny to sneak the tag on your friend’s clothing — again, it is best on the back of the clothing — and watch the reactions and comments directed towards your friend. Or, if you’re feeling especially frisky attach it to your friend’s clothes while you are inside a department store. Then watch the fireworks when you leave!

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Why Squeak?

Create laughter and magic whenever you need a smile – or whenever you need somebody else to smile. It’s impossible not to smile when you are squeak or when you near somebody who does squeak. Squeak and your troubles melt away!

Be the life of the party. Break up boring business meetings. Create rapport with clients. Become the favorite aunt or uncle. Get free upgrades in hotels! Surprise the people around you!

Learn to squeak in elevators, at the dinner table, in your car! Make your nose squeak, cell phones squeak, shoes squeak!

Squeaking cures insomnia, rheumatism, digestive troubles and creates well-being. (Well, not really. But squeaking is very funny.

How To Hold Your Squeaker

squeakerHow to hold your squeaker: Put the Squeaker in the palm of your hand. Straighten your forefinger so you can “point” to stuff. Curl the three remaining fingers in and use them to hold the Squeaker against the palm. Now you’re ready to Squeak!

Squeaking Technique: As you touch things with the tip of your forefinger, use your other fingers to squeeze the Squeaker. Remember to always keep the palm of your hand – and the Squeaker – hidden from your “audience.” Nobody should know you are holding anything. Timing is everything. With just a bit of practice you can time it so that the “Squeak” and the “touch” happen at the exact same time.

Squeaking State Of Mind: Part of what makes our lives fun is surprise. And believe me, when you make random things Squeak, people are surprised. What’s so great about surprise? Surprise is an important element in comedy. The unexpected is often very funny.

Squeaking surprises us in two different ways. Not only does Squeaking surprise your audience (or victim!) but it also can surprise you. That surprise can often shock you into a fun and playful mood. For example, I’ve often used my Squeaker when I’m tired or sick, when I’m angry or frustrated. The reaction the Squeaker earns jolts me right out of my misery and into laughter. Think about it: It’s gotta be almost impossible to feel angry or impatient when you have just made somebody smile. By Squeaking you not only share you playfulness with others, you become more playful as well. You can literally Squeak your way out of a bad mood.

Don’t Leave Home Without It: Carry your Squeaker with you wherever you go. You’ll find it useful at times when you would never have expected and that’s where the real fun is! Be sure to try the ideas we’ve included here, but keep your eyes open for chance opportunities. When you Squeak you can almost guarantee a smile.

One of the best parts of Squeakerdom is that you will sometimes Squeak by accident. I have accidentally squeaked as I sit down in a meeting, as I reach into the overhead compartments in airports, as I reach for the salt at a restaurant, or when I reach in my pocket for change. These involuntary Squeaks are a great conversation starter, ice breaker, and tension reliever. This technique is also a way for the more inhibited Squeaker to experience the Joy of Squeakerdom.

Brad’s Top Ten Squeaker Ideas

squeaker–Press elevator buttons and make them squeak. Do Nothing. Don’t react at all. Just stand back and enjoy the funny looks. (People are often too shy to ask, but they definitely will be puzzled.)

Borrow a friend’s cell phone. Make the buttons squeak as you press them. Do not call attention to the squeaking and enjoy the reaction you get from the phone’s owner.

Make the food on your plate squeak. Dinner rolls, hot dogs, Brussels sprouts. Ask the waiter to look at the steak while you squeak it. “Does this seemed cooked right to you?”

Look at the floor as though you see a bug. Make a big show of stomping your toe onto the pretend bug. As you “squish” the bug, squeak!

Press elevator buttons and make them squeak. Do Nothing. Don’t react at all. Just stand back and enjoy the funny looks. (People are often too shy to ask, but they definitely will be puzzled.)

squeakerSqueak the tip of your nose. It gives kids giggle-fits and will make adults smile. Once you get good with your squeaker technique you can make your kids’ noses squeak too. If you haven’t seen wonder and joy on a kid’s face recently, this one is for you. They love it.

squeakerTry on a new pair of shoes at a shoe store. Wait for the salesperson to ask you to walk in them to test them out. Squeak every time you step with your left foot. Ask for a discount!

squeaker–Admire someone’s wristwatch. (Or if necessary, show them your watch.) Ask them if they know about the secret alarm. Demonstrate by pressing various knobs and buttons on the watch in some complex order, finally ending by activating the squeaker. Stand back and watch the confusion as they try to activate the “alarm.”
Make body parts squeak while at the doctor’s or dentist office. For example, “push” a tooth and make it squeak. “Doc! Is this normal?” Squeak your kid’s body parts while at the pediatrician.

squeakerComplain that your computer mouse is acting up. Show your friend how the damn thing squeaks. Remove a photo of a cat from your desk drawer, leaving the squeaker in the drawer. Set the photo next to the mouse. There, that shut ’em up!

Not for the faint-of-heart: Mention your new protein diet while drinking coffee with friends. Reach into your pocket and grab a rubber cockroach and the squeaker (but keep the squeaker hidden in your hand.) Wriggle the bug around a bit, and activate the squeaker just before you drop the roach into your cup of coffee. Sip away and enjoy the show!

Buy These Squeakers now in BradMartGo shopping now!

Learn more about motivational speaker Brad Montgomery.