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You've Hired Brad to Speak, Now Ask Yourself?

Meet Your Emcee Maestro

Have Brad host/emcee your entire conference!

Brad knows how to welcome people, set a positive tone and keep the energy up, while providing seamless transitions. No matter how organized and planned your event is, something will go wrong. Hiring Brad as an emcee will be your insurance policy to make sure everything runs smoothly. If there is an IT issue, the speaker is late, or you just need to stall for time; Brad has your back.

A motivational speaker who understands sales!

After-Dinner Entertainment

Experience Brad’s sidesplitting Mentalism and Mind-Reading Show.

Opt for the classic after-dinner entertainment where Brad mesmerizes the audience with laughter, Mentalism, and mind-reading. You can’t go wrong with laughter and a show that keeps your audience energized and enthused for the rest of the conference.

Proven, Effortless. Remarkable.

The Midday Pick-Me-Up

Fire people up and set the stage for what comes next!

Combat the dreaded post-lunch lethargy with Brad’s lively Mentalism for 10-30 minutes, priming your audience for what’s to come. Don’t worry about that post turkey sandwich slump, Brad makes sure that no one will be napping through their next breakout.

after lunch pick me up

Enhance Sponsorship Value!

Brad can perform mind-bending Magic & Mentalism in their booth of hospitality suite.

Looking to increase sponsorship commitment? Sponsor are always on the lookout to increase their impact. After the keynote, attendees at a sponsor’s booth with captivating Mentalism, drawing crowds. The result? Thrilled sponsors.

Similarly, Brad can entertain at a top sponsor’s hospitality suite.

The Exclusive Close-Up Mentalism Experience:

Brad’s Intimate Close-Up Experience adds a series of smaller shows to enrich the festivities.

Picture an evening of festivities where attendees share a mind-bending, exclusive experience. Laughter abounds. Minds are read. The impossible becomes possible. And bonds strengthen.

Brad’s formal close-up entertainment caters to smaller groups of 20 to 50 (or 150..whatever suits your needs!) and can be set up in a smaller meeting or breakout room adjacent to the main party. Few have witnessed such world-class entertainment in such an intimate setting.

Creating an event that pleases everyone is challenging. While some revel in the noise and revelry, other may prefer the unique experience of Brad’s close-up show. (Yes, introverts, we’re talking to you!)

This show doesn’t replace the main event; it compliments it. Depending on your convention’s size, it can consist of several short, consecutive shows or two or three scheduled “showtimes”.

Regardless, you’ve crafted something extraordinary. Something unforgettable, they’ll reminisce about long after it’s ended. You’ve created a sensation.

close up magic
awards ceremony

Awards Ceremonies

Kick it off with a surprisingly special, witty, and talented Magician and Mentalist. Awards Ceremony++

Brad not only hosts and emcees awards events but also kicks them off with comedic Mentalism, setting a fun and positive tone from the start. Make your people feel valued and have a hilarious time during your awards night!

Path 30

Brad’s a true asset to any organization and will leave your attendees pumped up and raring to go!