Brad is One of the Top Motivational Speakers … And We Can Prove it!

Brad Montgomery is a top motivational speaker with credentials. Probably the most impressive credentials are his clients; he has a ridiculously long list of happy customers reaching back over two decades.

But Brad has also received some prestigious awards. Including a real doozy: the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame.

CPAE Speaker Hall Of Fame

This one is huge. It’s rare. It’s big!

Brad was inducted into the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame. This is a big deal, like winning the Indianapolis 500 or an Oscar, but without the gas fumes or movie stars. Past inductees into the Speaker Hall of Fame include such notables as Art Linkletter, Brian Tracy, and years ago, Ronald Reagan.

There are currently only about 140 living members in the Hall. It’s an honor and Brad’s proud of it.

What does it mean to you? It means that when you book Brad for your meeting or convention your level of guarantee is even higher than you might have thought. We know you want a speaker who you are certain can deliver. No. Matter. What. The fact that Brad is in this elite group of professional motivational speakers is yet another reason to rest easy knowing you have put your convention or meeting in good hands.

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Certified Speaking Professional

Years ago, — many years ago — Brad earned his CSP, or Certified Speaking Professional, designation from the National Speakers Association. This is the highest earned motivational award available from this prestigious group. (The highest award in the Hall of Fame. Get it? He has both. We know…nice.

The CSP is yet another way to guarantee that you are hiring a professional speaker who will not let you down. We know that if you Google motivational speakers you’ll find everybody from absolute pros down to that guy in Toastmasters who has spoken a couple of times at church. It’s hard to know if you’re hiring somebody who is the real deal. The CSP is another mark that Brad Montgomery will over deliver.

Brad on the day he earned his Certified Speaking Professional designation.

Award Winning Motivational Speaker | Hall of Fame Speaker

To earn the CSP the Association looks for a long list of satisfied clients, a minimum amount of money earned, and then finally the check-up with your clients to make sure they are absolute raving fans. (A note about the money. Money is not the Holy Grail of course, but it is proof that your speaker has been at it on a professional level for a long time. Sure there are many good speakers who have never earned a penny. But when you are ready to turn your convention over to a keynote speaker, you’ll feel safer knowing that your motivational speaker has professionally delivered for years.)

More Awards Earned by This Top Motivational Speaker

  • 4th Grade Spelling Bee (5th Runner Up.)
  • Long-Term Member of Amazon Prime
  • Best Grade In the Class (11th Grade Health, 2nd quarter, 1982)
  • Best Dad (According to a coffee mug given to him by his kids — which his wife bought— in ’92)
Brad Montgomery engaging with clients
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Why Should We Care?

Yeah, the awards are nice, but why do we care? Because these awards and honor reflect the level of guarantee you can expect from booking Brad Montgomery as your speaker. He’s not just a top motivational speaker. He’s not just funny. He’s proven. Iron clad. Done deal. He can deliver. No. Matter. What.

Ready to have a top motivational speaker at YOUR event? A guaranteed, award-winning, proven motivational speaker? Contact us now for a free consultation about how Brad can get your people (and your meeting) to where they deserve to be.

What is a CSP?

Certified Speaking Professional Brad Montgomery

Top Motivational Speaker In the News

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  • Fort Collins Colorado Coloradoan
  • Brown University Alumni Monthly Magazine

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