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The Undeniable Jaw-Dropping Power of Encouragement

The Business Strategy You Can't Afford to Ignore

Brad is a peak performance business motivational speaker. One often-overlooked business technique stands as a silent powerhouse: encouragement. Picture this: a work culture where encouragement isn’t merely a soft skill but a strategic imperative, a catalyst for growth, innovation, and resilience.

This motivational speaker teaches how to harness encouragement; a tactic so potent that it improves literally every measurable business metric* including:

  • Performance
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Loyalty, Recruitment & Retention

*Says Harvard

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Science-Backed Motivational Keynote:

The power of encouragement is a business game-changer. Strategically deploying encouragement, caring, and acknowledgement improves your bottom line. 

Harvard calls it “…the key to every educational and business outcome.” 

Encouragement isn’t just a feel-good sentiment—it’s the cornerstone of a thriving, future-ready business.

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Through captivating and funny anecdotes, storytelling, & compelling insights, Brad talks about how encouragement transcends the boundaries of traditional business leadership norms, reshaping organizational cultures, and driving teams towards success.

This keynote isn’t just about feel-good sentiments; it’s not “motivational speaker rah rah” baloney. It’s a call to action for leaders and organizations to harness the transformative potential of encouragement. 

Whether you’re a seasoned executive leader or an rookie front-line hire, the insights shared in this session will empower you to cultivate an environment where every voice is heard, every idea is valued, and every individual is inspired to unleash their full potential.

He Is A Funny Motivational Speaker?


Definitely.  This funny motivational speaker stands out from other content experts. Early in his career he worked as a magician & comedian in comedy clubs and on cruise ships. What distinguishes him is that his humor is intrinsic. It’s practically impossible for him not to be funny; it’s second nature to him.

His content-rich motivational keynotes keep them on the edge of their seats with his relaxed, genuine and impromptu humor.

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Motivational Keynote Speaker Brad Montgomery

So good we hired him back.

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The best motivational speaker we’ve had at a conference. Ever.

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