The Undeniable, Jaw-Dropping Power of Encouragement!

Healthcare professionals deal with incredible stress and a myriad of frustrations every day. From physician burnout to compassion fatigue and moral injury, healthcare organizations face a wide variety of challenges that affect the mental and emotional well-being of employees. This is where prolific healthcare speakers come in. With a healthy dose of humor and positivity, Brad delivers the perfect message tailored to your needs. Let Brad help your people rediscover happiness and satisfaction at work and improve patient experience at your organization.

Funny Healthcare Speaker Video Preview!

Motivational Healthcare Speaker Brad Montgomery addressing the audience

Motivational Healthcare Speaker; Brad Montgomery

“Exactly What the doctor ordered, Brad!”
— Mayo Clinic

Need a slam-dunk, guaranteed healthcare keynote speaker for your health care meeting or virtual event? You’ve found your presenter: Brad Montgomery. As a Hall of Fame Speaker with a client list longer than your ER waiting room line, he consistently brings his A-Game. Meeting planners love him because he has tons of experience speaking in the health care world. 

Brad Montgomery Healthcare Speaker

Your audience will resonate with Brad because he truly “gets” them — and they feel it. He connects with them through science-backed information, engaging stories (that make the message sticky), and humor — because he knows that if people aren’t listening it doesn’t matter what we tell them.  When Brad is on your stage, people will be at the front edge of their seats.

Increased satisfaction and motivation at work go a long way toward effective healthcare management by reducing staff turnover costs and improving workforce productivity, morale, and quality of care. This also translates into increased patient satisfaction.


Meet with you before the event to make sure your objectives are met. (This is nearly always done by phone conference.)

Customize and tailor his program so that it is about you…. it’s about your organization and your audience. Are your doctors overburdened and battling burnout and stress? Is your organization dealing with change for quality improvement and patient safety? Brad will deliver a unique experience for your group. (This makes it funnier and way more relevant.)

Create a Guaranteed Killer Keynote Speech and Deliver it with humor. If they aren’t laughing, we’re not doing it right. Concretely connected to what they need to hear.

Help you with Pre-Event and Post-Event follow-up. Nobody can create lasting change in a single hour or 90 minutes. It takes work and follow-up. Brad has a million ideas (Ok, about twenty) to make sure the event is more than a really fun flash in the pan. He’ll help you make it a killer fun experience that is the beginning catalyst for lasting change for your healthcare experts and teams.

Offer up a full slate of choices about how to get the most bang for your buck at the corporate event, meeting, or convention. Ask him about his “menu!” Go ahead, we dare you!

Path 30

You were the best speaker in my 30 years of health care.

-Kindred Health Care



  • American Medical Response
  • Mayo Clinic, Minnesota
  • Arkansas Home Care Association
  • Montana Hospital Association
  • Hospital Association
  • Oncology Nurses Association (Kansas)
  • Cardiac Nurses/Orlando FLAnthem Blue Cross / Blue Shield (California)
  • Colorado HMO Association
  • San Juan Regional Med Ctr
  • Global Healthcare Exchange
  • American Lung Association
  • South Carolina Rural Health Care Association
  • University of Texas Health Care System
  • Colorado Medical Lab Association
  • National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
  • Wyoming Hospital Association
  • Spalding Rehabilitation
  • Humana Hospitals
  • Boulder Hospice
  • Grand Junction Medical Society
  • Mary Mother of Francis Hospital in Tyler, Texas
  • Haven Hospice (Florida)
  • Wellpoint Health Networks
  • Medical Education Collaborative
  • Colorado Public Health Association
  • Mesa County Medical Society
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Pikes Peak Mental Health
  • Forest Pharmaceuticals
  • Pacific Care
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • The Assoc for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA)
  • The Assoc for Healthcare Auditors
  • California Assoc of Health Facilities
  • Centers Health Care
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  • Midas+
  • Riverside Health Systems
  • Rural Health Summit
  • Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center
  • WA Center for Dental
  • Denver Area Health Care Recruiters Association
  • Greater Philadelphia Assoc of Health Underwriters
  • Global Healthcare
  • New Jersey Assoc for Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Hospice of Dayton
  • State Office of Rural Health
  • Hospice of North Shore & Greater Boston
  • Midwest Eye Consultants
  • Apex Healthcare
  • Katzen Eye Group
  • The Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses
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  • Case Management Society of America Long Island Chapter
  • DNV Healthcare, Inc.
  • PointClickCare
  • Advocate Health
  • Marquis Companies
  • Shady Grove Fertility
  • University of VA School of Medicine
  • St Peter’s University Hospital
  • Assoc of Health Care Auditors & Educators (AHCAE)
  • Haven Hospice

See Brad Speak for A Health Care Group

Brad is one of the leading healthcare keynote speakers in the US and he speaks to healthcare organizations of all types. In this video he address a huge hospice and palliative care audience.

Brad hugging audience member

He's a Funny Medical & Healthcare Speaker?

Yup. He knows your people crave value in a patient-centered care environment. Medical professionals need new and helpful ideas and take-aways. They also crave laughter. We know that people learn best when they are laughing. So Brad is funny. Really funny. Humor makes the message even more memorable, and it will help set the rest of the conference up for success. 

What Does Brad Talk About to Health Professionals?

He talks about how to use the power of encouragement as a tool to build resilience, productivity, and sanity for healthcare workers, hospital leadership as well as administrative staff.  This concept, which Harvard calls “The Key” to every medical care outcome, translates to:

• Feeling less overwhelmed and stressed. 

• Boosted Resilience and Emotional Intelligence

• Enhanced Accuracy

• Improved recruitment and retention

• Increased employee engagement and buy-in

• Higher job satisfaction

• Better patient engagement

        … Which all trickles down to happier healthcare workers, staff, and improved patient care.


“You were the best speaker in my 30 years of health care.”
-Kindred Health Care
“This event was priceless… the energy level among our group was higher than I’ve ever seen it.”
— Kaiser Permanente
“Awesome! Just what we were hoping for! … A breath of fresh air for our people to push them to the next level. Exactly what we needed, Brad.”
– Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota
Use Brad … He’ll help you become a better and more successful Organization.
— UT Health

Can you have too many testimonials?!

Health organizations across the country are raving about Brad. From North Dakota to Texas, Brad provides a customized positive and inspiring keynote that is seriously “awesome”. These testimonials show Brad’s diverse experiences, highlighting his ability to resonate with and inspire individuals across the healthcare landscape. Need more testimonials from previous healthcare clients? Brad’s got ’em! 

healthcare audience
You’ve Likely Seen A Mediocre Keynote Sales Speaker


Give us a call now for a free consultation on how Brad can collaborate with you to maximize the positive impact of your healthcare meeting or convention. His virtual or in-person keynote is not only incredibly funny but also very inspirational and motivating. 

Overall, if you’re directly involved in healthcare or part of an industry that supports the healthcare ecosystem, Brad’s keynote is meaningful, relevant, and valuable. Let’s start a conversation and begin the journey of elevating your people to the level they deserve.

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