The people side
of performance

Getting the most out of yourself and those around you.

Engagement. Trust. Culture.

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Embrace Your Awesomeness

The People Side of Performance

Brad is a funny motivational speaker who talks about people skills as they relate to performance. Learn how to harness social and emotional support to get the best out of ourselves and those around us.

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What's Brad's Motivational Keynote About?

How Will Your Audience Feel?

  • Valued
  • Significant
  • Seen

What Will Your Audience Learn to Do?

They’ll learn how to harness the power of PEOPLE!
  • Validation
  • Acknowledgment
  • Encouragement
  • Connection
  • And the ability to make others feel seen and valued in a way that improves literally every measurable business metric.*

*Yeah, it sounds too good to be true. But we trust Harvard, don’t we?

The best closer we’ve had at a conference. Ever.

Maryland SHRM
– Maryland SHRM

Organizational Benefits:

  • Performance
  • Engagement
  • Loyalty, morale and job satisfaction
  • Sales
  • Recruitment & Retention

Individual Benefits:

  • Lower stress and feelings of being overwhelmed
  • Communication & relationships
  • Measurable happiness
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Motivational Keynote Speaker Brad Montgomery

So good we hired him back.

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Brad’s motivational keynotes ignites the transition to a better work environment, better relationships, and increased bottom-line growth.

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The Science
Behind the Magic
of Social and Emotional Support

This isn’t unicorns and fairy dust.

Social & Emotional Support is a highly-studied phenomenon. Organizations we know and trust (eg. Harvard, Oxford, Berkeley) have proven the power and value of compliments, positivity, the ability to project warmth. Individuals who are able to make others feel significant have a massive impact on bottom-line business, education and health care.

“Social & emotional support is the key to every business and educational outcome.”

It’s free. It’s easy. Your people don’t use it enough. This is the low-hanging fruit to get your team and your organization to where they deserve to be.

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Hall of Fame Speaker

What?! Is there really a Speaker Hall of Fame?

For real. Yup, and Brad’s in it!

It’s a big deal, like winning the Indy 500 or an Oscar — without the gas fumes or movie stars.

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Can a Business Keynote Speaker Be Funny?

Yup. Meet Brad The Motivational Speaker

As a trained comedian and magician, this funny motivational speaker stands out from other content experts. Early in his career he worked as an entertainer in comedy clubs and cruise ships. What distinguishes him is that his humor is intrinsic. It’s practically impossible for him not to be funny; it’s second nature to him.

His content-rich motivational keynotes keep them on the edge of their seats with his relaxed, genuine and impromptu humor.

People learn best when they are laughing.