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Host, Emcee and Meeting Energizer

Emcee and Master of Ceremonies, Entertainer and Speaker Brad Montgomery is the perfect host for your convention or meeting, because he is a wonderful mis of playful and professional.

Meet Your Meeting Maestro

You need a host, emcee and master of ceremonies for your corporate or association meeting. You’ve invested tons of time and dollars into this event; it’s time to protect that investment with a seasoned pro to be the face of the conference. Enter Brad – a seasoned professional who not only ensures the smooth run-of-show, but also injects energy, humor, and personality into every moment partnering with you to make this year hard to top!

Executive Summary:

More than the minimum:

  • Experienced Comedian & Speaker = Guaranteed Awesome Emcee
  • Personality and Warmth
  • Funny and Surprising
  • High Energy Face of Your Meeting
  • Impromptu Comedy on a Dime
  • Wakes ’em up – Keeps it Moving!
  • Human Safety Net in Case of the Worst (aka Peace of Mind!)

Why pick Brad to be Your Emcee?

More Than the Minimum

Sure, you can hire a news-anchor-type to cover the housekeeping, introduce the winners, and smoothly move through the transitions. Or maybe “Bob from accounting” can handle the basics. But your audience isn’t craving “the bare minimum” from their emcee and host.

Besides handling the basic introductions Brad also comes with years of experience in speaking and comedy, and a literal bag of tricks. (Brad is a mentalist and magician, and knows how to work a crowd.)

Your people aren’t craving smooth or “meh”. They want warmth and fun and surprising!

Your Meeting’s Jolt of Caffeine + Dopamine

Admit it, some of your speakers are dry, and your audience isn’t always on the edge of their seats. Brad brings a burst of energy and fun to the proceedings. Whether he’s waking the audience back up, or setting up the next speaker for success, his high-energy, infectious humor and quick wit re-energize your audience. Sometimes he injects a short “bit” of mentalism or hilarious audience participation. Sometimes he’s just moving the meeting forward. But he always is the breath of fresh air your audience crave.

Your Insurance Policy. A Human Safety Net.

When something goes wrong (and something always goes wrong) you need a pro behind the microphone. Maybe a speaker is late, or the technology fails, or you’re behind or ahead of schedule. You need somebody who can do more than just read introductions. Brad’s quick wit, ability to improvise, and his funny and innate sense of humor will make your audience forget there was an issue. He’s your insurance.

Meeting pros love that Brad is their partner. On good days, the meeting goes as you plan it. On other days, lucky you, you have Brad to just “handle it”. Whatever happens, and whatever surprises you’re faced with, Brad is there, ready and able to help.

Problems that used to give you heartburn are now a piece of cake because after a quick whispered conversation with Brad, he’s on stage, making them laugh, and getting everybody back on track.

Emcee - Master of Ceremonies
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Brad’s ability to capture and hold the attention of the individuals in the room was amazing! He made us laugh and we all walked away having learned something. — Jade M, International Right of Way Association

Path 30

Brad’s unique Emcee skills made a huge impact on our conference. He is playful, funny and authentic which meant a lot to our members. We’ll have him back! — Greg M, NAFIC