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Our happiest clients – the ones that come back to Brad again and again – are the ones who have a conversation with Brad to best decided how to best approach YOUR organization without regard to what topics are on this page.

In other words, of course you are welcome to pick one of these off-the-shelf solutions. But 99% of Brad’s clients prefer that he tailors and customizes an event based on your needs rather than what he has done in the past. Having said that, let’s give you a few of our most popular inspirational topics.

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— John Deere Landscapes

John Deere Landscapes


In this uplifting, inspirational and very funny keynote topic Brad reminds us that each one of us is important and have the ability to make a tremendous difference.  You are more influential than you think.

We have purpose, we’re important, and we are awesome. Most tend to underestimate our influence, our ability to make change, and our ability to do amazing things.

Brad reminds us to stand up, take charge, and embrace our awesomeness.

Do your people need to be reminded of their sense of purpose? Maybe your clients need a message of appreciation? Need to empower your people to reach their very best and to inspire the best out of those people around them? Then this motivational keynote speech is for you.

Funny Speaker Onstage

Entertainment: Meet Mentalist, Magician, and Comedian Brad

Your conference needs a fresh approach! What better way is there to accomplish a memorable event than to have the keynoter deliver some mind-blowing entertainment!

Start with the keynote in the morning and end the day with a magical comedy night. Brad got his start as a magician, ventured into comedy before finding his true passion to inspire professionals with the motivation they need to get through the workday.

With so much experience in the entertainment industry, your audience is going to be on the edge of their seats laughing, They’ll leave your conference with an amazing message and the humorous memories of this event for years to come.

Master of Ceremonies, Emcee, Host

Your event needs a meeting energizer! Someone to lead, provide information, and entertain during the down times. Meet Brad: a professional that knows how to make the show run smoothly. Something is always going to go wrong. No matter how hard you prepare, double-check, and anticipate errors, something will go wrong. It’s inevitable.

Don’t worry. Brad is your insurance policy. Even when the unexpected happens, Brad will direct and entertain your audience. He’ll give you the time needed to fix anything that comes up. Your audience will never know that a problem arose.

Having Brad on your team will make your conference will be a hit!

Brad Montgomery engaging with clients
Funny Montogomery


How to get the highest return on investment with Brad Montgomery.

70% of our clients ask Brad to do more than a keynote. They want more than just a motivational speaker.

  • Master of Ceremonies
  • After-Dinner Entertainment
  • Midday Pick-Me-Up
  • Enhance Sponsorship Value
  • Formal Close-Up Show
  • Awards Ceremonies
  • Your idea here!