The UNDENIABLE, JAW-DROPPING Power of Encouragement

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The Undeniable, Jaw-Dropping POWER OF ENCOURAGEMENT

The Business Strategy You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Your people are your most valuable resource. It’s time to invest in them now. Encouragement is the best place to start because it’s free, it’s easy, it’s underused, and it’s proven.

Organizational Benefits

  • Performance
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Loyalty, Recruitment & Retention
  • Productivity while fortifying your team against adversity

Individual Benefits:

  • Stress and feelings of being overwhelmed
  • Communication & relationships
  • Morale & job satisfaction
  • Measurable happiness

Audience Take-Aways: They Will Leave Inspired 

Besides learning the hows and whys of encouragement, they’ll feel inspired to implement this crucial tactic.

They will leave Brad’s program feeling….

• Seen
• Significant
• That their leaders care about them.

Without the inspiration and motivation, there is no behavior change. 

This motivational keynote isn’t just about feel-good sentiments; it’s a call to action for individuals and organizations to harness the transformative potential of encouragement.


One frequently underestimated strategy holds significant power: encouragement. Imagine a culture where everybody feels significant and valued. Where loyalty and job satisfaction hit the roof. Where productivity soars. This is all possible by reminding your people of the positive impact of encouragement.  

High performance business cultures now require the nurturing of loyalty, trust and steadfast commitment. Encouragement can fuel innovation, transform obstacles into opportunities, and setbacks into stepping stones. 

Enlightened organizations invest in positive mental health. There is no better place to start than with authentic encouragement.

The impact of encouragement reaches way beyond morale boosting. Watch productivity soar and turnover rates plummet.  The ROI of encouragement is indisputable. 

Learn about Brad’s method and matrix for making change here.


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The Science: It’s not unicorns and pixie dust. 

Encouragement (and other forms of social support) is a highly-studied phenomenon.  Institutions including Harvard, Oxford, & Berkley have proven the value of compliments, positivity, and the ability to project warmth. Individuals who are able to make others feel significant have a massive impact on bottom-line business, education and health care.

Harvard calls this type of emotional support “… the key to every business and educational outcome.”  You cannot afford to ignore or take for granted this important, easy-to-implement concept. 

So Much More Than A TALKING HEAD!

Yup. Besides being a content expert on harnessing encouragement in the workplace, Brad is funny. Very funny.

He will be talking about something serious, and people are leaning in, then he surprises them with a laugh and they lean in more.

Your people won’t accept a boring talking-head lecture. Brad’s background as an entertainer (he was a professional comedian and magician for years) sets him apart from other business speakers. Making people laugh is almost instinctual to him; it’s part of who he is.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro, a junior team member, a new hire, front-line staff or anyone in between, Brad’s relaxed and genuine style will leave you wanting more. He is THE encouragement speaker for your group.

People learn best when they are laughing. 

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WHO IS encouragement speaker BRAD MONTGOMERY?

Encouragement Speaker Brad Montgomery is one of the top motivational speakers — heck, he’s even in the CPAE Speakers Hall of Fame. He helps people to get the best out of themselves and those people around them by strategically incorporating encouragement as a skill.

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