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Mentalist for High-End Entertainment

Most people know Brad as a keynote speaker where he’s crisscrossed the country and even been inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame. But what many people do not know is that Brad got his start as a magician. He has spent years honing his skills to be a mentalist.

He reads peoples minds, makes them laugh, and basically creates a unique form of entertainment for high-end audiences.

Funny Mentalist Brad Montgomery knows things about your audience he shouldn't know!

Brad has taken his life-long passion as a magician and combined those skills with other skills including body and facial tells (poker anybody?), the power of suggestion, and psychology to deliver an experience that will blow your group’s minds.

Why are Mentalists So Popular with Today’s Audiences?

Because people crave a sense of wonder. We all love that feeling typically reserved for children where we just don’t have explanations for everything. We love knowing things…but it turns our we also love being gobsmacked. “How in the heck did Brad do that?”

In this modern day of technology, this mentalism show is even more refreshing and unique. It’s just Brad, an audience, and his sense of humor. It’s obvious there is no AI. No CGI. But he still learns the audience’s secrets.

Funny Speaker for Events

Magician Speaker

It's not Entertainment. IT'S AN EXPERIENCE.

It’s one thing to see an entertainer. It’s a whole difference thing to be part of an experience that will never be repeated again. Something special the audience shares as a group. Something unique that bonds us as humans. That’s what I create for my audiences: a special moment in time with a particular group of people that will never happen exactly that way again.

Further, because so much of this show revolves around the audience, it becomes even more unique and wonderful. It’s impromptu. It’s happening right now. And because the audience knows this show will never happen again they realize they are part of something special.

What is a Comedian Mentalist? A Funny Mentalist?

Yup, Brad’s Funny. He’s a comedian mentalist. He started out performing as a magician busking on the street. Then graduated to Renaissance fairs, comedy clubs, cruise ships, and now he primarily works in the corporate world. Those dues-paying years honed his comedy chops and his ability to hold an audience. The result is a show that isn’t just baffling. It’s not just amazing. It’s all of those things! Plus it’s VERY funny.

Brad believes that now, more than ever, people not only want to laugh, but they deserve to laugh. Laughter bonds us, makes us feel human, and heals. So this very special blend of mind reading and laugh out loud humor has earned rave reviews from the Magic Castle to very large and very small corporate groups in all 50 states.