Funny Motivational Speaker

Funny motivational speaker Brad Montgomery is the perfect choice for rocking your meetings, events, conferences, or conventions.

A Business Speaker IS FUNNY?

Science tells us that people learn when they are laughing. The laughter effect lowers stress, loosens our muscles, and relaxes our brains. Low stress equals better learning. So hiring a funny motivational speaker during your association conference, annual meeting, or industry event makes so much sense on so many different levels.

Funny Keynote Speaker IS AN ENGAGING SPEAKER!

If people are falling asleep during presentations, they aren’t learning. Sitting for long periods of time trying to learn new information is counter-productive. You need to liven it up. You need to get people’s heart rates up and get blood flowing. And one super-easy way to do that is to hire a funny business speaker. When people laugh, they are primed to learn and absorb. Suddenly people are concentrating, working to find the important nuggets of information that are so crucial to their business. The power of humor and laughter jumpstarts their creativity and makes your audience feel good. When people feel good, they learn.

Funny Speaker with Business Content

Experienced funny keynote speakers like Brad, who is also a trained comedian and magician, do not only make your meeting memorable but also help create a lasting change in your corporate culture.

Brad Montgomery is a funny motivational business speaker who uses entertainment and humor as a tool to help learners retain and understand the business value of communication, relationships, and projecting warmth.

“Funny” is not the message. It’s the way Brad makes the message sticky.

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…Made our meeting ROCK. You are hilarious, Brad.

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Motivation, Inspiration, and Engagement with Power of Humor


If your team is caught up in stress, internal conflicts, and a general lack of motivation, you’re not alone. But hey, you’ve landed in the perfect spot. Today’s workplace comes with its own set of challenges, and your employees might be grappling with:

  • Tackling interpersonal conflicts.
  • Juggling overwhelming workloads.
  • Dealing with setbacks and adversity.

Meet Brad Montgomery, a Hall of Fame speaker who’s all about transforming audiences with a dose of humor, creating happier workplaces, reigniting motivation, and boosting those profits. Brad isn’t just one of the funniest speakers around, he’s not only here to crack jokes. He’s all about shining a light on the untapped possibilities.

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Brad has been speaking and making people laugh for decades.

His motivational keynote speaker credentials are of the highest caliber. He is a hilarious emcee who has been inducted into the National Speaker Association Hall of Fame Speaker —which is a really big deal. He is a Certified Speaking Professional, which means you are getting an authentic, proven, and practiced professional at the highest level. 

He’s not your Granddad’s corporate speaker. He brings cutting-edge, intelligent, and sophisticated humor with a solid business message directly to your people so that they can be motivated to achieve their best by doing their best. Brad is an authentic, purpose-driven, and vulnerable  keynote speaker. Did we mention he’s funny?

You’ll be the one who not only avoided the wrong motivational keynote speaker, but you’ll be the one who found somebody who is utterly fantastic.

Laughing with Funny Motivational Speaker
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Are Your People:

  • Bored or Disengaged?
  • Detached from your mission and purpose?
  • Uninspired, unfulfilled, and unsatisfied?
  • Too pessimistic?

A humorous motivational speaker can help:

  • Inspire vision and mission
  • Improve workforce wellness and resilience
  • Boost morale and motivation at the workplace
  • Increase employee engagement

Brad’s funny motivational keynotes rekindle passions to create a better work environment, maintain meaningful relationships, and increase your bottom line.

Your audience
something fresh.
An authentic experience.

A Proven Funny Motivational Speaker for Your Audience

Brad Montgomery is a funny keynote speaker who lives and works near Denver, Colorado. He’s been bringing his high-octane brand of sophisticated comedy to audiences for over 30 years. He works for Fortune 500 companies, health care organizations, associations, for just about anyone who needs his inspiring message of encouragement and engagement. Brad started as a magician, but now focuses on the people side of performance and motivates your people to get the most out of themselves, their peers, and everyone around them. He’s a funny motivational speaker who works magic. Call him today for all your questions, availability, and fees.

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