Security Tag Gags

What is it

This little bad boy is your ticket to joy! It’s a security tag used to prevent shoplifting. This one has been modified by removing the permanent\ pin and adding a special clip so that you can safely put it on — and take it off! — your clothes. Why? Because it’s funny!

How to Use it

There are two ways to execute the gag. My favorite way is to wear the tag myself. I love to put it on the back of my clothes — the back of my jacket, the back of my pants, or the back of my shirt. This method takes more patience but it is funnier because people will eventually see it and wonder if you actually are unaware of the tag. Some people will see it, be puzzled by it, and not say anything! When people point it out, I say something like, “Yeah, it’s new. How do you like my new jacket?” (Act serious and you’ll get a puzzled look that will keep you smiling for days.) Or you can say, “Yeah, I’m just trying it out before I buy it.”

But sometimes I just wear it on the front of my shirt or jacket and open a conversation saying, “How do ya like my new jacket?”

Another funny idea is to wear it inside your jacket, perhaps hanging off the inside jacket pocket. That way you can wear it privately. But when you are ready for some fun open your jacket to reveal the tag — as though you are sharing a secret with you victim — and then say something such as, “How do you like my jacket. I got a great deal on it. Yeah…. it was a STEAL!”

It’s also funny to sneak the tag on your friend’s clothing — again, it is best on the back of the clothing — and watch the reactions and comments directed towards your friend. Or, if you’re feeling especially frisky attach it to your friend’s clothes while you are inside a department store. Then watch the fireworks when you leave!

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