Science of Humor

Uncover the Art and Science of Humor, explore comedy’s impact on society, and strike the perfect balance between laughter and meaning.

Brad with Scott Friedman

Scott Friedman and Brad Montgomery discuss how to live the dream by aligning work, passions, and lifestyle. They delve into Scott’s foundation, Together We Can Change The World, and his speaker tours that serve a greater purpose. Discover how Scott’s approach can inspire you to create a life you love.

Dr. Benjamin Ritter

Check out Brad Montgomery’s awesome podcast with Dr. Benjamin Ritter. They discuss leadership, self-help ideas, and more! Don’t miss it!

Storytelling Guru John Livesay

Unleash sales success through storytelling with John Livesay and Brad Montgomery, as they reveal the power of connection, trust, and relatability in this engaging podcast episode.

Proud father

Discover the secret to happiness: social support! Surround yourself with amazing people who lift you up.

Billie and Brad

Unlock success with Brad Montgomery and Billie. Acting & business skills for a better performance in life. Listen now!