Comedian Nancy Norton Joins Brad


Nancy Norton
Nancy Norton
Comedian Nancy Norton Joins Brad

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Nancy Norton is a very funny person.  She has been a comedian since 1992, and has worked on TV and in clubs all across the country. Also, she happens to be a really big deal in her hometown of Denver, Colorado.  Nancy Norton is also a very fun human. I loved having her on the podcast.

We talked about so many things.  Too many to cover here — I totally encourage you to listen to the recording.  But here are a few highlights.

• Nancy did comedy virtually during the pandemic and has a really cool set up. Wait ’till you hear her sound effects.

• She has won two massive and prestigious comedy contests.  Seattle…but also Boston where she was the first female winner. Ever.  That’s a super cool credential.

• Hearing about how the contests work was so fascinating.  Hearing how she managed her time — and her nerves — and what she thought put her over the top was super interesting. Among other things, it turns out Nancy is really smart.

• Nancy Norton is also a motivational speaker, where she draws on her experience as a single mom, a nurse (she keeps her credentials up!) and as a comedian to help her audiences better deal with life, their jobs, and their relationships.

• She talked about being an older comedian. (She’s been working in comedy for a long time.)

• She talked about coming out as a lesbian in the ’90s. And how she came out on Evening at the Improv before Rosie and Ellen…and she is crazy proud of that, her ability to be vulnerable … And how that changed things with her mom.

• She CHOSE to not work on national TV because of her Mom. Wow.  What a story.

In the end it was confirmed: Nancy Norton is awesome.  She’s warm, kind, smart, thoughtful, empathetic, and …as we’ve said… Very very funny.

Thanks for joining me, Nancy.  It was a hoot!

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  1. Victor Cruz
    Victor Cruz says:

    Thank you for introducing us to the talented comedian Nancy Norton and sharing the exciting news of her collaboration with you. It’s always a pleasure to discover new comedic talents and witness the creative synergy that arises when comedians come together.

    Nancy Norton’s comedic prowess, as described in your article, is impressive. Her ability to connect with audiences through her relatable and hilarious storytelling is a testament to her skills as a comedian. Collaborations in the comedy world can bring fresh perspectives, different comedic styles, and a heightened level of entertainment.

    I appreciate you, Brad Montgomery, for recognizing and highlighting Nancy Norton’s talents. By joining forces, you have the opportunity to create a unique and memorable comedic experience for audiences. Collaborations like these showcase the power of teamwork and the potential for comedic brilliance when comedians join forces.

    I encourage comedy enthusiasts to follow your journey and attend shows where both you and Nancy Norton perform together. It’s an opportunity to witness the magic that happens when comedians collaborate and bring their unique styles to the stage.

    If any readers have experienced collaborations between comedians or have insights to share about their favorite comedic duos, I would love to hear from them. Let’s continue to support and celebrate the incredible talents within the comedy community.

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