I’m in a mastermind group with other Colorado speakers. One of my “masters” is speaker Elaine Dumler. Elaine is a good friend, so it was cool to see her written up in the New York Times.

Elaine Dumler is an expert at helping military families stay connected, even when one of the family members is away on deployment.flat daddy

She has a wonderful book (I’m Already Home), and this book is chocky jammed full of great ideas from her military families about specific ideas they use to stay connected.

One of the ideas in the book is of the Flat Daddy. One military family uses a life-sized photo of their daddy around the house, at the dinner table, and even with the kids at play time, and this whole Flat Daddy concept is finally being picked up by the national press for the good idea that it is.

More on the Flat Daddy Story here.

What’s my point? I have two:

1. I’m psched for my speaker pal Elaine Dumler. It’s fun to see friends get recognition.

2. This Flat Daddy idea is not only great, it’s funny. Can you imagine taking family photos (at birthdays, at soccer practice, at school events) and having your Flat Daddy in the photo? Wouldn’t that help keep the tone at the next family event fun? Wouldn’t this type of humor be exactly what the doctor ordered? I love it!

Way to Go Elaine! Way to go Flat Daddy!

Brad Montgomery
Colorado Motivational Speaker, Fan of Elaine Dumler, Not-so-Flat Daddy

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