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Let’s face it: your people know what to do when it comes to how to treat other people, but they don’t always do it. They don’t need more information or training—they need motivation. This is where I can be helpful: closing the gap between what they know and what they actually do.

My goal is always to create an experience that is meaningful for all. It’s not all content. If audiences are looking at their phones, not listening, and having a hard time focusing, it’s a wasted opportunity for all. But it’s also not all entertainment. They want to be engaged…but they don’t need a comedian.

Engaging in positivity and encouragement is proven to enhance both personal and business relationships. And happier people are more productive, more focused and ultimately more successful in all aspects of life.

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Our Vice President made a joke about inter-marriage among families. His family.

When It Comes To Humor, Our VP is An Idiot


Selected Posts from Brad’s Past

We found a few posts, videos and stories from Brad’s past, and thought it would be fun to re-publish them here.  So pour yourself a cup of coffee, put on some classic rock, and check out this classic blog post from a decade (ish) ago.  


“So, I had Cheneys on both sides of the family — and we don’t even live in West Virginia,” Cheney cracked. After pausing for laughter from the crowd, Cheney added, “You can say those things when you’re not running for re-election.”

Well, surprise, surprise! He ticked off more than a few people in West Virginia.


What’s My Point? I don’t even know where to start. But it amazes me that people whose job puts them in front of audiences repeatedly can make this sort of rookie, idiotic mistake. Cheney must speak publicly at least several times a week. And he still doesn’t know how to keep himself out of the (negative) news

    Cheney, take a note:

1. Don’t tell jokes. You aren’t any good at it anyway.
2. Don’t pick on anybody. Because you are speaking to a national audience, don’t pick on any subsets of that audience. And again…while you’re at it, don’t pick on anybody.
3. Thrink it through baby! This one was so easy to avoid.

You have a great team of employees that constantly exceeds your expectations. They seem to be enthusiastic and motivated, as well as passionate about the work they are doing. The only problem is, they are leaving one by one. They are sending you resignation letters, and you do not have an idea how to stop it.

It’s sad. When employees seem to have one too many bad days, they may be thinking of leaving their job behind. Employee retention these days is more than just about making employees happy in the present. It is also important to consider their happiness and satisfaction for the long term.Mosaic.2013.31

Here are a few reasons why employees are packing their bags, and insight on what you can do to keep this from happening:

No Career Growth

It is extremely important for employees to have the ability to grow in their career path. This is why employers need to ask team members about their own goals and expectations. It is always important to find out the skills they want to sharpen or acquire. It is also advisable to offer leadership training and mentorship programs.

When you give employees the tools they need, they will be motivated to achieve their professional goals. They will also be motivated to come to work and contribute to the company’s success.

No Success Contribution

Employees want to know that their work affects the company. The bad news is, team members are just compensated for their performance, and not how they contribute to the organization’s overall success. It can be disappointing to know that they are just part of the process and not the result.

It always makes sense to give employees a share of the profit or reward them for their contribution. This will help make them feel like they are truly an important part of the organization, rather than just replaceable staff members. Profit shares, if feasible, will strengthen relationship with employees.

No Promotion Within

When employers do not promote from within, employees may feel the need to leave their jobs to advance at another company. If you have a new management position, you don’t always have to hire outside. It is always better to promote a top performer to save on time and resources spent on training someone new and unfamiliar with internal processes.

There are plenty of ways to inspire staff members. Brad Montgomery knows that employees need the right motivation to be happy and satisfied. As a trusted motivational speaker, he can inspire employees and help strengthen bonds within an organization. Contact Brad today and find out how he can inspire and motivate your employees.

Most companies to hand out incentives and disincentives to help employees improve their performance. Since it is a common practice, many people would assume that it is right and just. But do these really motivate employees?IMG_3436

Rewards and Punishments: Do They Really Work?

Several researchers proved whether rewards and punishments are the best ways to boost employee motivation. A study published in the journal The Accounting Review revealed that the promise of a reward motivates people more than the fear from an impending penalty. Employees will improve their performance better if they have bonuses and other incentives to look forward to.

Another study proves the opposite. An economist from the University of Chicago suggested that people were more likely to motivate themselves more to avoid loss than strive for conditional benefits. Participants who faced the threat of losing their bonuses produced higher student test scores than those with a conventional bonus plan.

Employee Motivation Through Rewards and Punishments

These studies prove that rewards and punishments systems can affect employee motivation in either way. People may work more if a prize is waiting for them. They may also force themselves to work harder as they do not want to suffer the punishment.

On the other hand, it may cause employees to always base their performance on the reward. This means they may still become unmotivated if they do not like the prize or they are used to getting it. Furthermore, using punishments may cause loss of interest and potential turnover for employees.

It’s Up to The Employer

Though rewards and punishments have their benefits and costs, it does not mean that these are not effective. The success and failure of such methods depend on employers.Mosaic.2013.84

Companies should give rewards that suit the task, and only when necessary to prevent a culture of expectation. As for punishments, they should set them on the same level with the tasks. Putting too much pressure on employees will cause them to burn out.

Motivating Employees Through Speeches

There are many ways to motivate employees. Talking to your employees through speeches is among them. When it comes to motivational speeches, Brad Montgomery is the one to call.

As a Certified Speaking Professional, Brad Montgomery knows how to speak to the people side of the business. He makes people realize where they are and where they should be through his compelling talks. He helps employees have the right motivation so they can realize their potential.

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