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Zoom Meeting Dragging? Brad's Online Zoom Energy Boost

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Online Motivational Speaker Can Energize Your Zoom Meeting

Let me guess;  your online meetings are growing stale. They feel draggy or laggy. There isn’t much energy. Sound like you?  Nope…it sounds like everyone.

Zoom motivational speaker Brad Montgomery has an easy, turn-key solution:  a short motivational pep talk, Zoom Boost and Energy Infusion.

What does this mean?  It means that Brad will pop in to your pre-existing meeting and will fire up your team prepping them and getting them ready to work again.  It’s a short 5 to 20 minute “pop in” where Brad will tell a story or two, you some jokes. And just generally be his professionally light hearted self. He’ll interact with your people in a way that only a seasoned pro with 30 years experience on stage can do. He’ll make your folks laugh. He’ll relax then. I’ll get them tuned back in and ready to rock.

Best of all… He will make you look like a hero for bringing him in.

Many clients bring Brad in to do a full and formal presentation. He’s a funny motivational keynote speaker and he’s 100% embraced of this online medium. He believes people do not hate Zoom. (Or Teams, or WebEx, or…you get the idea.)  They hate bad, predictable and same-old-stuff Zoom.  They are craving something fresh. Boom. Enter Brad.

Brad has a gift of connecting with your people, making them feel important, and getting them to laugh and smile. You’ll make them glad they are attending your meeting, and will feel more ready to tune in to the rest of your agenda.

If you’re ready to access all of the benefits of working with Brad Montgomery, but don’t have a space for a full motivational zoom keynote speaker, this  solution is your answer.  Looking something that’s easy for you to execute? This solution could not be easier. Simply invite Brad to your meeting just as you’ve invited the rest of your attendees and he takes care of the rest.

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Online Motivational Speaker

Bio of a Zoom Motivational Speaker

Funny Zoom Online Speaker Brad Montgomery is a funny motivational speaker who has totally embraced the technology of virtual meetings. He believes that good online presentations should not replicate a live presentation. Instead they should take advantage of all of the fantastic characteristics of this technology offers us in order to create a unique online experience for your Zoom meetings.

To make this happen he draws on his experience as a comedian, magician and entertainer. Trust us. He’ll make your folks feel great.

Although Brad is a general audience motivational speaker, which means he has programs for nearly every industry, there are a few industries that have hired Brad again and again. Do this and he is a real estate speaker and a sales speaker.  Because he works so often for hospital systems, associations and related industries, he is a well-known healthcare motivational speaker. And he’s taken all of the experience hound from decades of being in front of live audiences through the Internet as an online motivational speaker.

Call us today and we’ll talk about customizing an event that will have your people giving you high-fives and exclaiming, open “Where did you get this guy?!  That was exactly what we needed!!!!!”

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