I’ll never again speak in a gym. Ever.  I’ve spoken to tons of youth and high school groups, and love the kids. I love the teachers. And I love the energy that only youth audiences can generate. But I gotta tell you: I’ve spoken in my last gym.

I’ll call it the First Rule Of Brad: No Gyms.

Why? The sound system is always bad. Even the good ones are bad. People cannot see.  Folks are sitting on those horrible bleachers so at the best they way spread out to your left to your right. And at worst, they are on BOTH bleachers with you at the end of the gym. (Can you say, “Hey Jim Bob!  I can’t see a darned thing from here!“)

Occasionally they’ll fill the gym up with folks sitting on the floor. (Want to see a grumpy audience? Put some high school kids on the floor for an hour.)

I know that with this new rule I have limited my market. I know that many schools cannot physically fit their groups anywhere but in their gym.  But it isn’t worth it. I promise my clients excellence and when I’m working in a gym  – if I’m being honest – the most I’m likely to provide is “pretty good.”

Heck, when I’m in a gym in front of 1200 students I could light myself on fire, scream and float over the audience in an Elvis suit and still have of the students would be saying, “I can’t see, what’s he doing?” or “What did he say? I can’t understand?

I love working for myself – I like to be the one who makes the rules.

Do you need a speaker?  I’d love to be your guy. Need to talk over YOUR rules for what you need for your organization?   Contact me here.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Maker of Rules


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