Can You Buy Happiness? Only if….

Ok, I admit that this idea is the next thing on my list. I haven’t done it…yet.

I mentioned earlier in this blog that I admire people who anonymously buy drinks or even dinner for strangers.

A guy in one of my recent audiences in Florida told me how he occasionally will buy drinks for some couple he sees in a restaurant that he feels especially need it. But he has a cool twist on it; if he sees people fighting he’ll send drinks over with the message that “The drinks are a gift from a stranger but there is a condition. They have to kiss and make up, or else they’ll have to pay triple.”

It’s easy. It’s cheap. And it’s totally fun. I’m gonna do it!

My point? If you’re looking for an easy and specific way to improve your mood, improve your sense of fun, and earn a warm feeling for yourself, give this a go. Buy a stranger something anonymously.

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Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Fun Seeker, And Anonymous Gifter!

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