Hungry for just a snack? Some finger food? I’d love to know how many of these fries it would take to fill YOU up.

For some reason it tickled my funny bone: I would love to be at Mickey D’s with the kids, put ’em in the booth while I come back with three trays like this.

Can you imagine how it would be?

Or how ’bout this: your loved one is overweight and you arrive with a Big Mac for you and this order for him or her. Funny? You bet. But kiss your marriage goodbye.

Or next time your boss says, “I’m just a little hungry…” :)

Tiny edible fast-food meal
A Craftster competition to produce edible, miniature food inspired a wife-and-husband team to prepare an incredibly tiny fast food meal, complete with miniscule fries and a tiny soft drink — they also made a miniature tray, cup, and fries-bag.

I give you, miniature fast-food… Our burger was a little over one inch tall and about an inch wide. After we took all the pictures we cut the tiny burger in half and each ate half. It tasted awesome… Everything was handmade, including the tiny buns.

Thanks Boing Boing

Brad Montgomery
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