Check out this excerpt from humorist John Kinde —‘s ezine. He is right on!

So when you’re delivering humor from the platform and you receive
negative feedback (maybe they don’t laugh or a heckler contributes
his or her opinion), don’t flinch. Don’t apologize. Don’t explain
the joke. Don’t assume you failed. Here is what may have happened
while you were speaking:

1. Your listeners might have been quiet Norwegians, like me,
laughing on the inside.

2. They may have been sleepy.

3. They might have been worrying about personal problems.

4. They may have been trying to think of a tactful way to give
their phone number to the attractive stranger sitting next to them.

5. They may have eaten the wrong combination of foods for lunch.

And here’s what they may have been thinking while listening to your

1. “I could do better.”

2. “I should have written that speech.”

3. “You remind me of my ex-spouse.”

4. “I dare you to make me laugh.”

5. “My life stinks.”

Get the picture? It probably isn’t about you. It’s normally about
their needs and shortcomings.

Great point, John. Nice job. (John is a Las Vegas Based Humorist and motivational speaker.)

Check out more humor techniques in my resources section.

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