I recently did my motivational humorist gig for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas. I had a total blast for a dozen reasons. First of all, the group (actually groups… we did five speeches for a total of 1800 employees for their appreciation event) was wonderful. What a fun group of hard-working health insurance people.

But one of my favorite parts of working with these good people in Topeka, Kansas was getting to visit with their President and CEO, Mike Mattox. He is clearly a very smart man, and is clearly good at his job. And his staff seem to geninuely appreciate him. But what liked best about him is that he had enough self confidence that he was willing to poke fun at himself. When he spoke at the meeting he made jokes about himself and about the company. And at one point even put on a clown nose (which he confessed was WAY out of his comfort zone.)

clown noses

Do YOU think leadership and personal risk taking are related? Think you gotta stretch your comfort zone to achieve? You betcha. And Mike’s ability and willingness to DEMONSTRATE that he is a very likable human must be part of his success as a corporate leader. Thanks Mike. Great job. (And yup, the nose is great… you look very cool. No really. Just great.)

Need some humor in YOUR workplace? Consider learning from Mike Mattox and start taking yourself less seriously.

Brad Montgomery
Humor in the Workplace Motivational Speaker, Corporate Clown

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