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Ask Your Friendly Neighborhood Employment Expert JOB HUNTING DURING COVID

Andrew Hudson Speaks to a Motivational Speaker.

Andrew Hudson, founder of Andrew Hudson’s Job List has his finger on the pulse of jobs, job hunting, and the state of employment.  In this live interview I get to ask him about how things have changed for job hunters during the pandemic.  Is it as bad out there as we think?

Here are a few take aways:

  1.  The most successful hunters are the ones who REALLY know what they want.
  2. Hey new grads!  I’m talking to you.  Andrew says the decade of your 20’s is the Paying Your Dues decade.  Be patient.  Learn some skills.  Get some experience.  Learn what you like and what you are good at.
  3. Do your research.  When you are sending in cover letters, at your interview or generally trying to make an impression there is no excuse for not knowing DETAILS of the company culture, goals, etc.  Heck, you can learn about your interviewers too.  Hello social media.
  4. Job hunting is not fun.  It sucks.  It’s a game of “no’s.” You’re not going to enjoy it.   It’s just part of the deal

Andrew is such a good guy. I’m grateful to be friends.  (We sorta grew up together and played a TON of jazz together.). But I’m thrilled he said “yes” to this interview.  You rock, Andrew!

I loved this interview and hope you enjoy watching it.

Andrew Hudson

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