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A Motivational Speaker Interviews a MAESTRO

I couldn’t wait to interview Maestro Lawrence Loh.   Larry and I met years ago at a community / family camp near Colorado Springs where we have brought our families since our kids were tiny.  I met Larry as a tennis player and a jokester.  Eventually I found out he is a world-class musician and conductor. And he found out I’m a motivational speaker.

In this interview I get to ask questions both important and not.

Is his job as much of a Dream Job as it seems?  Is classical music too stuffy and formal? Who is is favorite choral group?  How can we “muggles” learn to better appreciate and care about classical music.   And is there a real difference between different recordings of a single symphony?

But also deep questions like: what music do you hate to conduct?  Do you like Taylor Swift? And what do you listen to in the car?

We had a good time, shared some laughs, and got to meet each other just a little bit better.

Thanks Larry for joining me.  I had a blast.