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You’ll Never Believe Brad’s Flash Mob!

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Have you heard of a flash mob?  The answer is probably yes.  But have you heard of a motivational speaker creating an impromptu flash mob during a keynote address?  I’m thinking the answer is no.  I have been creating flash mobs for audiences for years and here’s the bottom line: they deliver big.

Here’s something I have learned from speaking to tens of thousands of people at meetings and conventions: what is most important for people is not always new information, but rather the feeling they have about the information. And there is no better shortcut to creating feelings than audience participation. A flash mob is audience participation on steroids.

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A lot of motivational speakers throw around words like interactivity and audience participation, but my personal feeling is that many don’t do that part with great success.

Here’s why a flash mob is different: there’s not just one person or group participating, the ENTIRE ROOM is involved. People are doing something fun and surprising; the music is blaring and the camaraderie is instant.  A feeling is created.  

Believe me, NOBODY in the audience ever thinks they want to be a part of a flash mob, but in the end, they are completely energized.  They tweet, they text and they talk about being a part of something so unique and crazy even after the event is over. Bottom line: flash mobs deliver!

In my speeches, I am focused on delivering excellent content for the audience. But too much of that is not a good thing. People need to stop, breath and be a part of something on a large scale together.  For a meeting to really be successful, audiences need to be participating and glad to be there.  And when they are glad to be there, everyone wins.

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Brad Montgomery has surprised thousands of audience members with flash mobs.  Like those in the audience, clients are initially hesitant to participate. But in the end, they are glad they invested in something so unexpected. Contact Brad today about arranging a flash mob for your next meeting or event.  

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