You Just Gotta Laugh!

I spoke today with one of my favorite corporate comedians, David Naster. He is a funny, clean and very smart guy. We’ve been friends for years. We were talking about clients who want a comedian speaker who can help their groups laugh at change. (I swear, half of my clients want me to be a funny change speaker :)

He made a great point: most people LIKE change. We like new restaurants, new clothes, and new ideas. What most of our clients really want us to speak about is FEAR. People are afraid of the results that their change might bring; fear about losing our job, losing our benefits; fear about layoffs; fear that, for example, a new software program will make our jobs harder.

It is a subtle point, but I think David was right on. Need a comedian speaker or a motivational change speaker? Maybe not. Maybe you need somebody to put fear into a funny perspective.

Thanks David.

Read about my work as a corporate comedian here.

Not convinced? Read about my work as a change motivational speaker.

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