What was YOUR worst job ever?

I just posted a great story by guest author &  comedian Ron Tite about his worst gig ever. The pain of the situation just cracked me up, and made me want to give the guy a hug. I’ve been there. Comedians suffer like … well, if you’ve never been in front of 400 people who hate you, you just won’t understand.

Ron also makes a good point that, like music, there are many different types of comedy.

Even if a stand-up is the right choice, there are countlessaudiencearmscrossed kinds of stand-ups just like there are countless styles of music. Choosing the wrong type of stand up is like selecting a Marilyn Manson tune for a wedding procession (although I’m sure there are Goth brides out there who would like nothing more than to walk down the aisle to “This is the Sh*t”).

I haven’t met Ron in person, and I’ve never seen his stand up comedy. But I can tell you that, after reading this article, I felt like we were brothers.

What do you think? What is your worst gig ever? Comment baby!

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Brad Montgomery
Comedian, Fan of Ron Tite, Lover of Good Comedian Stories

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  1. Craig Price
    Craig Price says:

    Try a private superbowl party where you are the halftime entertainment. Sheesh. Nobody is listening, you’re in the living room of some rich doctor who’s outside smoking cigars, kids running around everywhere. Of course no one is expecting live entertainment and you only have 12 minutes to get everyones attention, prove your not a drunk cousin who thinks this would be a good time to try out for Star Search and get off stage before the game comes back on. It paid well for a comedy gig, but it was awful.

  2. maria
    maria says:

    Hi Brad-

    Thank you for speaking to us here at Wellpoint. I learned that life is supposed to be funny so don’t sweat the things we cannot control.

    thanks again

  3. Drew Rodgers
    Drew Rodgers says:

    Brad – I very much enjoyed your call. I have already stopped being the swirly vortex of negativity. When I was asked how I was doing on another call I just joined, I responded that I was great… and I feel great.

    Thanks so much for lifting my spirits today


  4. Tracy Prior
    Tracy Prior says:

    Thanks for the break in my day. I am in the WellPoint Mason, Ohio office and I have two of the best Associates right in Denver. I digress..thanks for the call, you kept on even though you had no initial feedback. Good Job.

    I am going to start my staff meetings with music, because I like it and it will make me happy.
    How cool is that.

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