Recently I worked on a project with Craig Zablocki. He is a very funny Colorado motivational and inspirational speaker. In short, the project was to create some great film to be edited and shown at a National Speakers Association conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

Our plan was to do some man-on-the–street interviews and just see where it led. We did have some ideas, but were eager to try it out and see where it led.

Well, where it led was to hilarity. And I gotta say, Craig was a big part of our success. He had NO qualms about going up to people (with the camera on) and just making up crazy stuff, giving them short (and mock) motivational speeches, and generally trying ANYTHING for a laugh.

Craig is a good guy, and a funny speaker. And I’m glad he’s a good friend. And yup-, Craig is also in my first books, Humor Me: America’s funniest humorists on the Power of Laughter.

Colorado Motivational Speakers

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