If I EVER read another blog post on work / life balance I might gag. wii-logoYes, we all know that we should try to work less, and have fun more, right?

But Wii often miss that Wii not only need to spend time “not working”, but Wii need to spend time purposely “having fun.” In my motivational keynote speeches I encourage people to play and “Act Happy.” It’s  one of those Fake it Until You Make it Strategies. And it works.

My point? Pick something NOW that gets you physically involved in creatingf joy, fun or levity. It might be as simple as leaving a crank phone call for a pal, taking your dog for a walk, or stealing the neighbor-kid’s Wii for a couple of hours.

Wii don’t have a Wii at home, but recently tried one out with some Denver pals. Check out this  short video:

What are you doing today to physically get involved in creating fun?   Come one!  DO SOMETHING!

Leave a comment…. do you think this works?

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Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Joker, Fan of Wii

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  1. Brad Montgomery
    Brad Montgomery says:

    I swear (SWEAR!) that the mojitos we had earlier that evening have NOTHING to do with the laughter. I swear it.

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