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Why Hire a Motivational Speaker to Talk about Positivity?

Why Motivational Speakers MATTER



Why hire a motivational speaker? What do audiences and companies gain with Brad Montgomery as a Keynote Speaker?

While I have many topics clients can choose from when they hire me as a positive motivational speaker, there is a common thread in all of my keynote speeches. I teach audience members to reignite their passion, to discover their true commitment and connection to their work and to to celebrate those small victories that pave the way for greater success.

Drowning the audience with statistics and facts? No chance!

When groups hire me to speak, there is always the fear that I will drown the audiences in statistics and facts about how to change behavior. That won’t happen. Here’s what will happen: I will teach audiences straight forward and accessible methods for tapping into their passion, commitment and connectedness toward their work. And I achieve this with an upbeat and interactive program, weaving in humor as a backdrop.

What does Brad guarantee?

Audiences can count on these takeaways: They matter. What they do is important. They make a difference in their organization. When I teach specific concepts that attendees can implement immediately, they in turn become more productive, innovative, loyal and creative. This translates into improved teamwork and greater satisfaction in their work. And an improved bottom line for their companies.

Business value of engagement

My research backed techniques are shown to improve engagement, leading to improvement in every business metric. The key concepts I teach include leadership, personal influence, workplace attitude, and purposeful perspective shift (I coined that term!).

There’s no shortage of information

We all know there’s no shortage of information out there. But often, people crave ways to make sense of what they already know. My programs help them to feel the excitement and enthusiasm they had when they first got their jobs.

Humor, stories and PowerPoint

My goal is to get audiences to put their phones away—the ultimate test in session engagement. When the phones are off, I know audiences are listening. I see them react to the humor, stories and unexpected use of PowerPoint. The message is resonating and the program is having an impact.

How Does Brad get the audience engaged?

By creating languages and valuable concepts that audiences will both remember and use, behavior can be changed immediately. I don’t offer audiences data and statistics that they can’t parlay into being more successful. Instead, I teach the theory of small wins, or embracing those small victories that ultimately lead to success with larger goals.

How will I know Brad’s program worked?

When my program is over and you hear the people in the audience saying, “you’re awesome”, or “confetti”, you’ll know there was a positive impact. These phrases are shortcuts to a few of the concepts I teach. And I believe that once you label and articulate the things you want to change, lasting change is at the forefront.

Hire a Motivational Speaker for Lasting Impact

Do you want to bring one of the most impactful keynote speakers out there to your next meeting? Call Brad Montgomery today to get started on bringing meaningful and lasting impact to your next conference or event. Need an online virtual motivational speaker for Zoom? We have you covered!

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Biography of a Motivational Speaker

Funny motivational keynote speaker Brad Montgomery is interested in many things.  And during this pandemic he’s been interviewing very interesting people in order to learn more about the world (and people) around us.

If you’re looking for somebody to ramp up your virtual or online meeting, or are ready to count on this vaccine and want to schedule Brad for a live event, let’s talk.  We’ll talk about using humor, funny stories, and motivation to get your people to where they deserve to be.

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