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Employees leave their jobs for many reasons. Sometimes it’s because of the money, but most of the time it’s not. Proper compensation is excellent, but managers and business owners should understand that employees need more than financial growth. Let me explain to you the four reasons good employees leave.

The Work is Too Much

Good employees are hardworking, but when they burn from work, they

Conference Speaker Brad Montgomery

Conference Speaker Brad Montgomery

think about quitting.  We know that it’s tempting to overwork your best people, but doing this will make them feel punished for the great performance they exude. Overworking good employees is also counterproductive. When a person works for more than 50 hours a week, his productivity will eventually decline because of exhaustion and lack of interest.

There is No Effective Motivation in the Workplace

Sometimes, good employees don’t really care about compensation as long as they receive consistent gratitude and motivation. It’s easy to underestimate the power of a pat on a back, but small praises like this count a lot. Top performers who work hard to accomplish their tasks and/or manage a group of people need motivation to continue what they do. It makes them feel special and worthy of the company.

They Find the Job Less Challenging

Everybody gets bored at work, but that doesn’t mean you have to quit. Employees who work in the same company for five years or more, become unchallenged of the tasks they receive every day. However, this can change when managers continue to challenge their workers by assigning new and exciting tasks. Good employees want to enjoy their jobs by being creative and bringing something new to the table every now and then.

There is a Lack of Opportunity

Good employees always want to develop their skills. When they are not able to do this in their current job, they will find one where they can. Companies should provide plenty of opportunities, because these make employees feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. As a manager, you should schedule activities where they can share their abilities. Promoting the right people will also help your employees grow.

Businesses should always push their employees to be better and more effective at work. They should be able to drive their passion, and motivate them to be the best they can. This way, good employees remain focused and loyal to their companies.

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  1. Lucy Metcalfe
    Lucy Metcalfe says:

    This is very true! There are certain reasons why good employees leave and it’s not all about the money that they can get. Many still believe in being happy and motivation will help keep them loyal within the company. Always have an opportunity that will make everyone productive and growing as they work. I have read a similar blog made by the people at

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