Why Business Keynotes Need To Be Fun

Exceptionally good clients ask exceptionally good questions. And this particular question was so great that I wanted to answer it publicly.

The client was concerned that my keynote might not be business-y (yeah, I made up a word!) enough to satisfy her audience of upper management and leaders.

Her very reasonable fear was that my keynote might be good for people in general, but not targeted enough to her business audience.  The reason for this fear?  The name of the keynote:  Embrace Your Awesomeness.

I’m convinced that the name of the presentation is just branding.  And that for my taste, making it at least a little vague and a little fun makes the audience curious.  

Of course the description of the keynote reveals the details, but my client had some understandable fear that her audience wouldn’t “get” it. 

But here’s the bottom line: Embrace Your Awesomeness is a fun name for a keynote that includes how to use encouragement, compassion, and motivating others in order to get more out of yourself and those around you.  And to improve your bottom line.

In this speech, I recommend focusing on people skills and right brain soft skills in a way that will help managers and leaders:

• Keep up and improve their team’s morale and productivity. 

• Improve customer connection and relations (even when customers are not in a good place.) 

•Help them get more out of themselves and those around them.(productivity)

• And just generally helps managers of all levels improve themselves, improve their careers, and most importantly, improve their organizations.

All of my talks incorporate some of the science behind positivity in general, and happiness in particular. No matter what the title of my speech includes, I aim to deliver a content that is all about the audience—their needs, their jobs, and their lives. And I know that these concepts have a huge impact with business people of all levels.

I’m proud of my content and my message.  I’m crazy proud of the leaders who contact me well after the event with kudos about how my message was useful to them.   And I’m convinced that without the playful, entertaining side of the keynote the message wouldn’t be half as powerful.

I bring them in the door with humor, stories, and personal connection.  And then once they’re in the door I feed them a steady diet of high-content Big Ideas about how to maximize their impact on everybody with whom they interact with — in a way that maximizes bottom-line success.  

Happy Audience

Biography of a Motivational Speaker

If your organization is looking for a business speaker who offers a fresh perspective on improving the bottom line, I’m your guy.  Just be prepared to laugh and have some fun along the way.

Brad has been delivering fun and funny keynote addresses for more than three decades.  His customized business speeches address the science of positive psychology and engagement, offering business leaders surprising tools to improve their bottom line.  Call Brad today at 303-691-0726 to book your custom speech.

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