Because your audience will love you for it. Because people want and need to laugh. And because after — or before — a full day of learning your folks have earned a break.

But most of all, because laughter is totally consistent with Brad’s message of bringing levity, lightheartedness and our senses of humor along with us to the work. Humor in the workplace? You betcha. How better to deliver that message than with a laugh-out-loud funny motivational speaker?

How to Choose a Motivational Speaker?

There are several things to consider. First, make sure they are good. As you well know, anybody with enough cash can toss up a good website. So check your speakers references. How many are there? Are they organizations you’ve heard of? Can you see any videos of people raving about your perspective speaker?

But go one step further: ask for references. Recent references. Expect emails and phone numbers.

Finally, make sure your speaker has experience with YOUR type of audience. Can he relate? Will your folks realize that your speaker “gets” them? How do you know? Ask your perspective motivational speaker: “Do you have experience with organizations like mine?” And then ask them to prove it. Seriously…. anybody can type that they are a “Top Motivational Speaker.” But before you send your deposit check, you should ask for — and receive — social proof.

Brad has worked in this biz for over 2 decades. He has tons of clients in dozens of industries ready to stand behind him and sing his praises. Ask us — we’re happy to introduce them to you.

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