Who Speaks to the Colorado Speakers? : ) | Brad Montgomery

I do. : ) How cool is that?! I was very flattered to be invited.
I just got to speak to the Colorado Chapter of the National Speakers Association.

What a blast… you folks flattered me by having me present a program on the top things I WISH I knew about this speakers business when I started nearly two decades ago.

I had a really great time; thanks Folks.

I promised a few resources:

1. Here is the link to the pool of Colorado Motivational Humorists.

2. This is the free copy of Hooked on Humor, which is a free audio program I’m doing with Scott Friedman. If you want to see some of the audio product I’m working lately, here’s your chance!
3. For those of you who asked me about the best way to get audio and video on your site, you should go here.

I have a favor for those of you who were there at the program in Denver, Colorado: Could you leave me a comment? What was the one (or two) things that made you say, “Ah Ha!” What did you take away from the program that was most helpful?

Thanks again… I’m proud to be part of the Colorado Chapter of the National Speakers Association.


Brad Montgomery
Colorado Speaker, Sometimes-Teacher, Professional Goofball

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  1. Steve Mertz
    Steve Mertz says:

    I was late to the meeting…spank me! But, there was a buzz in the audience and what I constantly heard was what a great job Brad did
    in sharing his humor and strong business sense with the audience. Brad, you make the Colorado Chapter proud!! Thanks, Steve

  2. Michael Santarcangelo
    Michael Santarcangelo says:

    So Brad, what would you say are three important tips that those of us who don’t live near a chapter could benefit from?

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