Guess who teaches speakers how to be better speakers? Well, in the case of some very cool and very kind speakers in Northern California, it will be me. (I’ll be speaking to the Northern California Chapter of the National Speakers Association.)

This should be a blast. I’ll be doing my program Got Mirth? Milking Your program for all the Humor it is Worth.

Its a fun program I don’t get to do enough… I use this program to teach other presenters.. both professional and part-time, how to make their programs more humorous.

I love working with professional speakers. It’s a blast to get them laughing and then pull back the curtain on the techniques that made them laugh just minutes earlier.

It’s fun to teach others to be more funny; it’s fun to teach humor techniques; and to be honest it is always good for me to do this program as I always learn things myself. When you are explaining humor techniques to others, those techiques become more clear in your own mind.

But the best part of teaching other professional speakers? Hanging out with other speakers. These are my good friends and pals, and it is always great to laugh with folks who share such a bizarre — and wonderful — job.

Check out my work as a professional speaker and humorist here.

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