I’m just back from Atlanta, Georgia where I was invited to teach members of the National Speakers Association – Georgia Chapter how to be better speakers.

What can I say? It was a blast. I had a great time visiting with some great speakers, some wonderful people, and some new friends.

I taught my Humor and Comedy Skills program called Got Mirth? Milking your program for all of the humor it is worth. Due to time constraints we didn’t get to it all, but we did cover some of my favorites.

But one of the audience favorites was when we talked about getting over the fear of humor failure. To sum up what I said about how to get over this fear and become a public speaker, it would be:
• When you think you are “failing” in front of an audience they might be loving you — but you think you’re failing.
• When You do fail with your humor (it’ll happen) it isn’t that bad! You have plenty of comedy (comedians fail all the time) and it isn’t the end of the world!
• If you do fail, there are plenty of techniques to use to “safe” face in front of your audience. One idea? Use comedians’ saver lines.

Thanks Georgia Speakers! It was a total pleasure being part of your team.

(check out my motivational inspirational humor speech here)

Brad Montgomery
(Sometimes) Georgia Speaker, Humorist, Teacher of Speakers

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