Why Book Brad As Our Motivational Speaker?

“…Delightful, meaningful, and hilarious keynote speaker!”
–Colorado HMO Association

Hilarious Motivational Keynotes

Why Humor in Motivation?

If you love keynote speakers who are both motivational and Very Funny, and if you want to hear the cry that meeting planners love to hear… ‘Hey Down in Front!‘… just book Brad. Because people learn best when they are laughing. Because they need a motivational message. Because they need to have fun while they learn. Because conferences need to be fun. And because… ‘Hey, This Guy is Funny!

Entertaining Keynotes with a message!
Brad got his start performing his special blend of Humor & Magic across the country and across the world. Now Brad’s keynote speech motivates his audiences to remember that life is supposed to be fun and funny. “Lighten Up and enjoy the ride!”

What?! This Humorous Keynote Speaker Does Magic Too?!
Yup. Brad draws and his experience, skills, and background as a corporate entertainer to make sure your audiences faces hurt from laughing too much and their minds are baffled and amazed by the magic. Brad is an award-winning magician and a comedy-club-tested (and corporate approved) comedian for bout as long as he can remember.

If you think it is important to choose keynote speakers who also understand the importance of entertaining your conference audience – and you should! – then Just Book Brad.

Awesome Stress Buster!

“Awesome Stress Buster!”

–Miller Beer

Hey! This Keynote Speaker is Funny!
Some clients ask Brad to be an funny keynote speaker with a message about enjoying our lives more. Others ask him to be an Entertainer. Most ask him to be both: a laugh-out-loud-humorous keynote speaker with take-away value. From conference rooms to banquet rooms, Brad’s keynotes are built just for your audience with gobs of audience participation, hey-how’d-he-do-that magic, and Clean, Boy-next-door humor and funny-yet-powerful ideas that make you say, “Ah Ha!” When Brad steps up on stage and says ‘Watch Closely,’ he brings you back to the moment and helps make your lives more magical.

His keynote speeches leave you with springs in your steps, ideas to change your lives, and gosh-that-hurts- I’ve-been -laughing- so-hard pains in your sides.

Hey! This Keynote Speaker has a proven track record!

Brad has earned his Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association. It’s a bid deal: fewer than 7% of keynote speakers world wide have earned this honor.

Brad has done thousands of keynote speeches in 42 states and on 4 continents. He’s an Hilarious Keynote Speaker with a background as an Award Winning – and very funny! – Entertainer. If you’re looking for something clean and fresh, something new and fun, Just Book Brad Montgomery.


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