What makes Brad Montgomery a unique motivational speaker?

What makes Brad a Unique Motivational Speaker?

What makes a unique motivational speaker?

He’s right-handed, wears glasses, and loves coffee. What? Not unique enough? Keep reading…. We’ve got this.

Brad is a totally unique motivational speaker with a blend of humor and relevant thought-leader. He is way more than a motivational speaker; he’s a motivational speaker who will make you laugh, get you and your organization involved (which makes the business message stick) and facilitate hands-on learning.

He’s a motivational speaker. Comedian and mentalist. Thought leader. Encouragement expert. Emcee. Facilitator. Audience participation master. Oh, and did we mention he’s funny? But what his clients say about him most is that he is authentic. It’s a quality that is hard to describe but easy to detect. Your audience will know that Brad is the real deal. He’s a nice guy who happens to be very funny when delivering meaningful business programs. Brad is a unique motivational speaker, that can bring more than a keynote to your conference.

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What sets this unique motivational speaker apart?

  • He is very funny.  Not chuckle funny.  Laugh HARD funny.
  • He has a meaningful, relevant and unique business message that all organizations need to hear.
  • He uses audience participation. Tons of it.
  • He is an award winning magician and uses those skills to keep his audiences on the edge of their seats.
  • He is a proven pro. (He has been in front of audiences for 25 years presenting literally 1000s of programs.)
  • He guarantees his programs.  Yup…. Totally.
  • He is a Certified Speaking Professional (From the National Speakers Association), The meeting planners mark of professionalism.
  • He’s an expert at Happiness in general, and happiness at work.
  • His program is simple, hilarious…. And it works. People learn from Brad while they are laughing.

Brad's unique motivational speaking programs

Although Brad speaks to conferences, meetings and conventions about change, attitude, risk taking, and success, the common thread in his unique motivational speaking programs is a message about how encouragement can be used as a tool for business success. We all crave the same things, serving others nourishes us, and your people are listening. Encouragement is a powerful tool that you can use to improve your personal and professional life.

Humor is one of the best ways to get people to let down their guards and to really listen to motivation. Today’s groups are well-educated, sophisticated and well-traveled. They demand the steak; they want the sizzle. Brad’s got ’em both. (No he doesn’t bring lunch…it’s a metaphor.) Brad feels strongly that the way to really get people to buy into his motivational message about connecting encouragement to our bottom line success more is through laughter.

Contact Brad today for a free consultation about the uniqueness he can bring to your conference!

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