Funny motivational speaker

When do you need a funny motivational speaker? Motivational humorist Brad Montgomery is perfect for opening or closing the convention or meeting. And you can even use him for the after dinner entertainment. He presents keynotes, seminars, break out session, training and corporate entertainment.

What does he talk about?

Do members of your group think success in life depends on the luck of the draw? Not so, says funny motivational speaker Brad Montgomery. Instead of just hoping and praying for a good hand to come our way, we can actually tilt the odds in our favor by Stacking Our Deck.


From his perspective as a magician, Brad offers specific techniques we can use to create our own luck. Successful people in all industries understand and use these same techniques. Brad’s interpretation of them is funny, informative and inspiring as he motivates us to make ourselves happier and healthier, more efficient and productive, and more successful both at work and at home.

Humor! Magic!

And because people learn best when they’re having fun, Brad mixes in a healthy dose of his Award-Winning funny magic and comedy to illustrate these profound, life-changing truths.

Proven Techniques

So, if you’re hoping and praying for a program to inspire and motivate, to entertain and train; if you’re looking for a humorous motivational program that is jammed with audience participation,then lucky you, your ship just came in. You’re looking for funny motivational speaker Brad Montgomery.