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My kids are in year-round elementary schools. Which means, among other things, they they have much more frequent, yet shorter vacations. It also means that they just finished their first week of school.

My youngest was absolutely THRILLED to start her first hear of kindergarden. The thought of learning new stuff — including learning how to read— made her just about pop a vein. She was so jazzed.

Here’s a photo with me and my new student on the first day.

My observation: At some point “loving school” isn’t cool. At some point, even kids who do love school pretend they don’t. And eventually, most kids don’t have to pretend… they just don’t like it.

Can you imagine a bunch of middle schoolers (or high schoolers) who are as eager to start school as these kindergardeners? Can you remember when YOU were that pumped about starting something new… especially regarding learning?

Where do we lose that joy, and why?

(If you know the answer, let me know. We can bottle it up and sell it for gazillions.)

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