Yup, this is a real concern. You want it to be funny, but you don’t want to offend. You’ve heard the stories about the joke that went bad…

No problem. We understand, and Brad’s programs are not just clean, they are sparkling clean. Brad doesn’t make fun of anybody or anything. No jokes about sex, race, or any “ism” out there.

Selected Posts from Brad’s Past

We found a few posts, videos and stories from Brad’s past, and thought it would be fun to re-publish them here.  So pour yourself a cup of coffee, put on some classic rock, and check out this classic blog post from a decade (ish) ago.  

Brad’s feeling about how close you can come to the line without crossing over is simple — he doesn’t come anywhere near the neighborhood of the line! He’s so clean his Granny approved.

Nobody will notice; if your audience walks out of the presentation saying, “That motivational speaker was hilarious and he didn’t even offend anybody!” than we’ve missed the goal. Instead, people will laugh (and laugh hard) because Brad is genuinely funny. And they won’t event notice that he is totally clean — they’ll be too busy laughing.

Brad understands your concerns about wanting “funny” but requiring absolutely clean. But you can ask his clients from the Air Force to Microsoft to The Central Intelligence Agency to the Southeast Denver Kiwanis Club about Brad’s track record. He hits a home run, leave’s them laughing, and nobody will be even the slightest bit offended.

Need more proof that Brads humor is military-safe, corporate-safe, and all-around-safe — but still very, VERY funny? Ask Brad’s Granny.