What’s Next?|Hiring the Best Public Speaker

You’ve Booked the Best Motivational Speaker Out There: What’s Next?

A Public Speaker Who Communicates With You

Brad’s clients rave about him and his staff reporting that he’s the best motivational speaker when it comes to communication.

The best public speakers are about more than just the keynote. Public speaking is about the details. Brad and his team will be in full communication mode with decision-makers, detail-planners and behind the scenes wizards so that all the worry about what to expect is eliminated.

What Open Access Really Means in a Public Speaker

When you call, Brad and his team answer. It’s that simple. A public speaker must be accessible and once you hire Brad you can expect the phone to be answered right away or a message returned within one business day.

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Your Public Speaker

Hiring Brad as your public speaker means that you as the meeting planner can leave the details to him. He and his team will get all the information about A-V, staging, production and the myriad other details that meeting planners have to worry about in order to pull off a successful conference. Let Brad take the worry from your shoulders and help you to run the best, most efficient public speaking conference possible.

Brad Montgomery: An Approachable Public Speaking Professional

Brad Montgomery: An Approachable Public Speaking Professional

What Not to Expect From This Motivational Speaker

Brad is an excellent motivational speaker. No question. But he is not a prima donna. He is accessible, he is human and he is fun to hang out with and have a cocktail. He is not going to make your life difficult by having lots of irrelevant demands and pushy requests leading up to his performance. (Red M&Ms anyone?) You don’t need that. You need a public speaker who understands the pressure you are under and who knows how to make the meeting planner look good. So don’t expect a flowing cape and top hat. Expect a down to earth, highly accessible, approachable guy who enjoys mingling with the audience prior to his speech, who enjoys learning about your industry and your challenges, and who takes seriously his job of bringing your people up and making you, the meeting planner, look awesome.

Feel Free to Call Your public speaker

Any time, any where, no question is too small, no query too little. Seriously. We have the same goal you do: to make this event a HUGE success. Call today and let’s get started.