Come See Me Speak in California! (Public Seminar)

Under the heading: “Wow, this is not what Brad usually does….”

I’m rarely speak anywhere where the public can come see me. But this August I’ll be in
California at the Speak Your Way to Wealth Seminar. (That sounds good to me!)

A couple of nice folks have put together a totally cool seminar. If you’ve ever had the bug to
learn the speaker biz, I hope you’ll come check me — and several other top speakers — out in this multi-day seminar.


This isn’t the stuff I do for my normal audiences. This seminar will be teaching the secrets…
the real tips behind making a living in the professional speaker biz.

I’ve done plenty of coaching of professional speakers. And I’ve also done lots of teaching speaking and comedy techniques to the National Speakers Association.

But I’ve never tipped all of my best secrets in one place. And in California I get to do it all.
It’s not my usual gig…. and I couldn’t be more excited to try this new style of program. (Teaching speakers at a pay-to-attend seminar.)

Yeah, there is a fee to go. But if you’re interested in this crazy industry, this could be a pretty great deal.

I’m excited for a few reasons: one of which is that this type of program is WAY far from what I normally do.

Wish me luck. And I hope to see you there.

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