Yeah.  It’s a short post. (And a short video.)

Check out the video….then read on.  I actually have a point.  (Surprise!)

In this case I was gonna be a total surprise to the audience.  They had NO IDEA that:

  •  I was a keynote speaker.  (Not a trainer.)
  • That I would use stories, humor and fun to engage them.
  • That I was asked to speak for 75 minutes.Funny Motivational Speaker Funny Motivational Speaker
  • That I was going to be funny.  Upbeat. Fun.

What does this mean? It means that the audience was more or less shocked for the first 10 minutes I was on.  It took this long to get them to trust me, to understand that it was going to be fun, to relax, and to be ready to listen to me.

Yeah, I got it done.  I earned them.  (Yeah, I was proud.)  But it would have been SO MUCH BETTER for the audience — and easier for me — if the conference had just warned them what I was coming.

Want to get the most out of your business speaker?  Want your audience to learn as much as possible from your speaker? Sure ya do. What should you do?

• Tell your audience what to expect?
• Tell them how long to expect you the speech to last.
• Tell them that you expect it to be fun…and that’s on purpose.  You know they’ll enjoy it too.

Brad Montgomery is a funny motivational speaker and business keynote speaker based out of Denver, Colorado. He works across the world and around the world.  Call today and tell us what your goals are for your people, your organization, and your meeting or convention.  We’ll work hard to customize a funny program that makes a business difference.

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