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What Does Positivity Have to do With Sales? Everything!

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I get a lot of calls from groups who are looking for a keynote speaker but aren’t sure if a motivational speaker is the right fit for a sales meeting.  They like my message of positivity but have a hard time seeing the connection between positivity and an increased bottom line.

They are often surprised at what I tell them.

Instead of telling these groups what I can bring to the table, I focus on what I will not offer—sales strategies and techniques.  My message to sales groups, and all groups I speak to is this: positivity and encouragement increases success and boosts happiness in all aspects of life.

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What the heck is the connection between sales and building up and inspiring others?  

Here’s the deal with sales—there are tactics and strategies galore.  But in the end, what I think really steps up a seasoned sales group is reminding them about the relationships. Focus first on the people and how you connect with them and sales will follow.

What? I can increase sales by 37%?

Here’s a statistic that will blow you away—if you work on engagement first, and improving the relationship, it will make you better at your job and happier in your life.  If you are engaged and having fun, you have the capacity to increase your sales by 37%.  How awesome is that? 

Passion and Buy-In

We tend to think that these soft skills—engaging in passion and buy-in— are just that, fluffy, soft and not far-reaching.  But I am here to remind you that if you want to increase your sales, go for the obvious and maximize the relationship side of sales. When you focus on the people, sales will follow. I promise.

How do you engage?

Engaging in positivity and encouragement is proven to enhance both personal and business relationships.  And happier people are more productive, more focused and ultimately more successful in all aspects of life.  How do YOU engage in positivity and encouragement to improve your personal bottom line? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Brad Montgomery is a funny Sales Keynote Speaker who teaches audiences how to harness the power of happiness.  Brad has shared his inspiration and techniques with thousands of audience members in all fifty states. Visit BradMontgomery.com today to find out how Brad can energize your next sales meeting.

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