Celebration is fun. Duh!

There is something awesome about watching people at their happiest moments. We love to see people do their job well… and then be rewarded by their work.

Check out this photo from the superbowl.
Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and coach Bill Cowher savor the final seconds of the game

So, what’s the take away? What’s my point? Next time YOU are presenting to a group, be it a huge audience for your motivational speech or six people in your office, shouldn’t you look like you are having fun? (In case it isn’t obvious… yes! Act like you are having fun! Act like you are having some serious fun… it is a great humor technique.)

Here’s the rule you need to know regarding this technique about making your presentation more engaging: we all like to watch — and listen to — people who are having fun. You and your presentation will be more enjoyable if you let them know how much fun you are having. (By the way, if you aren’t having fun, fake it.)

So… turn up the volume on your fun-o-meter and let that fun out! Let them see you smile. Let them see you laugh. Let them see your passion. Your evaluations will improve, guaranteed. It might not get you to the Superbowl… but trust me, it’ll make your presentation more enjoyable.

Check out my work, where I ALWAYS have a good time, doing my comedian speaker thing, here!

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