This photo just makes me smile. It makes me curioius, and it makes me laugh.

Like all forms of art, this house takes me away from my problems and brings us back “in the moment.” It’s hard to be totally wrapped up in our work, our over-full email inbox, or all of the dirty dishes when focus on such an amazing sight.

Music is the same type of distraction. When I listen to my favorite music (Dave Matthews Band, for now) I’m able to totally be “in the moment.”

BLDGBLOG: The cantilevered void house
What is it? Who knows. Though, as Mervyn Peake describes the buildings of Gormenghast: “Standing immobile throughout the day, these vivid objects, with their fantastic shadows on the wall behind them shifting and elongating hour by hour with the sun’s rotation, exuded a kind of darkness for all their color.” Cantilevered structures self-supported over the void.

Next time you’re looking at art, really look. Not only to enjoy the art, but to allow and enable the art to transport you back to the moment.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Humorist Keynote Speaker, Art Lover

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