I just wrapped up a keynote where my client told me a fantastic story.  She is a really high level leader and was asked to put together a budget package to present at a board meeting.  A very normal requirement, but also a ton of work. 

When they passed out the budget packets at the meeting, one of the board members looked up and said, “Wow, you did a really good job on this, it looks really great.”

This really melted her.  It made her feel appreciated and encouraged. She also told me she was surprised how much this kindness meant to her.

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I believe it’s important to realize that ALL of us crave this type of acknowledgement—the exact type of acknowledgment that your typical third grader has a thirst for.

Third graders love to be told they are doing a good job. They love it when you tell them they did that math problem perfectly, or that their coloring is looking awesome.

Who doesn’t love that kind of feeling?  As we age, we still maintain that basic desire for acknowledgement.   But for some reason, the frequency in which we receive that kind of acknowledgment and encouragement diminishes. But we STILL thrive on those types of compliments.  

So, what does this mean for you? 

If you want to get more out of those around you, don’t forget that YOUR family, your team, your employees and even your bosses can use the same type of acknowledgment as those third graders. Let them know that you appreciate them.  Thank them. Outline the ways that their expertise has made your job easier.  This helps people achieve at their best, which reflects well on you.   (And get this:  it makes your happier.) 

And don’t forget the totally satisfying side effect of appreciating others—it lifts you up as well! When we encourage others, WE feel better too.  (And get this:  investing in making other people better makes YOU happier.)

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If you are having a crappy day, work on improving the day of somebody around you and watch your day improve as well.  It’s simple—treat people like a third grader by encouraging and acknowledging.  It will help them and it will help you.  

Oh, and by the way—that cursive is looking great.

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