Sample Best Man’s Toast

1. Best Man is brother of the Groom

Welcome everyone, and thank you all for coming! I’m standing up here tonight to honor my brother Mark and his beautiful bride Laura. I have come to praise them both, and if I happen to embarrass either one of them, well, so be it!

It is a true testament to Mark and Laura that you have taken time from your busy schedule to come and share this momentous occasion with them.

Mark and Laura do not come lightly into this marriage. They have each put their ambition to good use and led extremely successful lives on their own. However, nothing can compare to the energy and love they’ve invested in becoming the perfect couple. Mark, characterized by a fast-paced, busy life, has learned to love life for its own sake, and we have Laura to thank for that. I never truly thought I’d see him settle down for the married life, but after observing how his relationship with Laura has strengthened his ties with his own family, and I extremely happy that he has.

Laura is a fabulous woman. She never fails to brighten everyone’s day with her warm smile and limitless compassion. Thank god Mark found her as the yin to his yang. So, Laura, when you have the first child, remember, the spelling of his name should be B-R-A-D! In all seriousness, though, I couldn’t imagine too people better suited for each other as you two are today.

Now that they’re settling down and hopefully spending more time together than at work, they’ll have so much free time. Unaccustomed to unscheduled hours, I’m sure they’re wondering what on earth they’ll do. Well, they’re newlyweds…I’m sure they’ll figure something out!

I have always looked up to Mark as a brother, mentor, role model, and friend. When he wasn’t pummeling me in the backyard or lecturing me about how I should never, ever, ever show my face if he had a friend over, he was actually a pretty nice guy. I don’t have much advice for him and Laura, seeing as I have little to no experience in the world of marriage. But with two people who so clearly love each other and devote themselves to each other, little to no advice will ever be needed.

At this time I’d like to ask everyone in the room to please raise their glass in honor of my brother Mark and his wife Laura and share this toast to their happy, healthy, and long-lasting marriage. Cheers!

2. Friend of the Bride and Groom (shorter, but still sweet!)

I stand here as a friend of both Jack and Jill’s, and I am confident in saying that this marriage is founded not only on true love, but the best of friendships.

In fact, one might say that friendship and love are one and the same, and love is only the manifestation of the deepest, most intimate friendships. Jack and Jill epitomize that nature of relationship.

I must admit that I always warned Jill about Jack. She saw something in him that none of the rest of us could perceive though, and I’m happy to say that she found the love, caring, attentive man that I’d always hoped, though often times doubted, Jack would become. I feel honored to have known both of them for many years before they got together, and am extremely excited to anticipate the many years of friendship that awaits us with them as husband and wife.

Jack and Jill always have and continue to learn from each other, ever strengthening their friendship and love. Jill learned quickly that she just has to accept Monday Night Football without questions–it’s just one of those nonnegotiable issues about which a man must lay down the line. On the other hand, Jack picked up that the most frequent words out of his mouth will be “Yes, dear,” unless, of course, Jill has asked him if that dress makes her look fat! In all seriousness, though, the lessons they teach each other only serve to bring them closer and closer together.

Jack, Jill, it is with the greatest pride and honor that I stand here today to honor you both on your wedding day. I ask everyone to please join me in raising a glass to the bride and groom, and share my toast to them. God bless you both for many years to come.

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