Jay is just such a friend. He is able to think easily in a way that makes my mind go numb.

He is in my mastermind group of fellow Colorado Speakers. We met yesterday, and — as usual — Jay was able to help me see my speaking business in ways that help me more than I can say. I’m lucky….what he does for me and my fellow speaker pals is what he does for big and small businesses across the country and around the world.

Before I met Jay I had no idea what Six Sigma was. In fact, if you would have asked, I’d have guessed it was a micro beer. (Or perhaps I was just hoping.) Jay has turned me into a Six Sigma fan.

Jay Arthur is to Lean Six Sigma, what I am to comedy and humor…an addict.
As much as I hate statistics, Jay loves them.
In a day, Jay can turn Lean Six Sigma Black Belts into Money Belts and find ways to pack more money into your bottom line. Jay is the author
of Lean Six Sigma Demystified.

Besides all of this. He can crack a good joke. (In fact his wrote a killer book about thinking like comedians with another pal and fellow Colorado motivational humorist Karyn Ruth White) He also knows a good glass of wine. And is always ready with a smile and a laugh.

What’s My Point? If you want to succeed (in just about anything) you need to surround yourself with people who think differently than you do. And then listen to them hard. If they are half as smart, fun and generous as Jay, you’ll be lucky.

Thanks Jay! I’m glad we’re buds!

PS. I’m not a six sigma expert yet. But I’m up to about two and a half sigma and working hard.

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